Photoshoot Day + Behind the Scenes Vid

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Me and one of my school mates did a shoot today, me being in front of the camera. It was a really good shoot and I learned a lot more about studio phography, which is a new field to me. I’m eager to learn and I will be spending a lot of time in this studio for the next year or so.

My mate had some idea he wanted to try and test his new gear, and I just enjoyed being the model. He asked me to wear jeans but I amped it up and came up with some styling to make it more interesting.

I decided to set my own camera in the corner to shoot a time lapse of our shoot, those are always interesting to watch. I didn’t capture the whole shoot from the beginning, but this is almost 1,5 hours captured in three second intervals. You don’t see my mate much in the video because he was shooting with an 85mm lens and had to mostly shoot from the other room.

I hope you like the little BTS-video, and I’ll show you some of the pictures as soon as I have them!


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Thank you!

That's a great outfit. You look smashing!

Thanks! I was really feeling my look today :)

You can tell! And those shoes 😎

The shoes are magical, you can see how I change with them on.


Busy day, huh?

Pretty relaxed actually, the studio was reserved for 5 hours so no hurry :)

What a model!

I try 💁🏼‍♀️

I'll be honest, I watched the whole video and saw a lot of you sitting around doing fuck all.

You know I'm fucking with ya right?

It'll be interesting to see how these shots come out. How did the equipment work? Was your mate happy?

Oh but you are 100% right, it’s sooooo much easier to just sit around 🤣

Equipment worked well, my mug not so much, I talk too much and make stupid faces, but I think we got something. He was happy that he got to test out his new gear with me, as I was understanding of his fumbling with it. New buttons and all.

Edit: fuck I forgot to swear back at you!

Ya cheeky bugger! :)

I'm sure that mug of yours performed well Eve, it always seems to rise to the occasion.

Come on Evie, you can't forget to swear in comments if you're going to knock G-dog off the top of the swear list!

That gorgeous madame who's the subject of this photoshoot is very familiar. I wonder who it might be? 😆 I'll be keen to see how the photos turn out, hopefully all pretty amazing! It's interesting to see a behind-the-scenes shot of a photoshoot like this, since I've never thought of it to be that complex, having to get the lighting and angles right, and all that 🙃

I know right, studio is so complicated! I’m used to using one light, that big ass thing on the sky, so studio lighting for me is a whole new world.

Lol, I should use that term more often to describe lighting, "big ass thing on the sky". Still, I guess if the subject of the photoshoot is as beautiful, any lighting will do quite well!

I guess if the subject of the photoshoot is as beautiful, any lighting will do quite well!

Not true. Lighting is EVERYTHING!

I suppose bad lighting can really screw up a potentially good shot. It's no wonder why my friend's house is filled to the brim with softbox lights, and camera flashes 😆