My Second Magazine Cover

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Pretty cool eh? It’s just that they failed to ask me if I wanted my picture on the cover and didn’t even mention my name. That’s a bit of a bummer.

This spread is for a Lions Club Metso charters yearly newsletter so it’s a charity thing and given out mostly just for the members so it’s not really a big deal. I’m happy to see my picture on the cover, but would have liked they mention my name somewhere. I think it’s a pretty bomb picture, it’s from the series I shot of traditional tar making in summer 2019.

If you wonder how they got my picture, no they did not find it on Hive, I loaned out this picture for a different Lions Club charter for their Christmas issue, where they didn’t end up using it. The editor-in-chief is the same person so I guess he saved the picture and decided to use it for this, over a year later. If he would have asked, I would have happily given permission to use the picture, but now I’m a little pissed. It’s a matter of principle and at least common courtesy to ask first. I think I’m a bit too nice when I give out my pictures anywhere.


Tell them, explain, and ask how they will compensate you. They can write an article about you in the next edition for example. If that sounds good to you, you might wanna tell them the compensation doesn't necessarily need to be hard cash, but that you request a compensation.

My parents are the same, they thought I shouldn't make a big deal out of it, until they saw my pictures on a 2 page article.

Publishers are VERY WELL aware of what they are doing. They'll pull cards like, my internship did it, I didn't know, I thought it was public domain, we just started, someone else gave me this picture, and so on. I got all these cards and they all paid me, or compensated me. They try, if not with your pictures, they'll find other photographers to abuse.

Thing also is, you'll have much stronger ground if you can proof you've sold your services as a prof. photographer before.

Just rude and disrespectful!

If it was a proper publication that is earning money with it, I would make a whole hell a lot bigger deal about this. but since it's a charity and I had given the picture to their different charter, it's a smaller crime. I did send the editor a message, a very civil one and I didn't demand anything, just said they should be more mindful about copyrights. I did also mention that I do photography for a living so it's important to me that my name is mentioned when my pictures are used.

You're way more civil than I am. I wish I were like that a bit more :D

I was absolutely fuming when I first found this magazine, but I took three days to cool down 😂😅

Yeah... that's probably for the best xD. This stuff triggers me so much, it takes forever to cool down.

Even tho its a charity thing. Do you plan on contacting them and making them explain why you ain't quoted?

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I don’t know. I want to but since it’s a small town here and everyone knows everyone, I feel like it can just backfire on me if I even politely say that it’s not alright to not give credit where its due. Thought people with my last name rarely stay silent when they have something to say, and people already know it 😂

Ohh xD I think its just a question, it should be bad :p
Just state your lastname first and loudly and then processed to ask nicely haha :p

Just took your photo? I'd be annoyed.


I was pretty darn pissed when I first saw this, and then I was pissed at my parents who thought I'm fuming for nothing. I tried to tell them that you know I'm trying to earn my living with this photography thing so I need people to pay for my photography and mention my name.

I don't blame you. Had they asked you'd probably have said no worries...Having the chance to say no taken away is shit. Also...G-dog needs a new image for his work desktop...Just saying. :)

Wait until winter, I don't think I have any solid desktop background material at the moment.

I am a patient man (not always) and will await your image. I still have that one you took of that bridge at night, the blue/purple/gold one on my computer. I swap it periodically with the flying rally car. :)

Send a bill. Tell them that you would happily have let them use your picture for free but that you are going to have to charge €500 for it now. I've heard this is standard operational procedure in cases like this.

I would do exactly this if it wasn't a charity organisation that I had previously given pictures to.

Lieventäviä asianhaaroja kuitenkin tommoset.

Aivan. No, lähetä sitten sähköposti, jossa kohteliaasti mutta tiukan asiallisesti kerrot, että olisi ollut asiallista kysyä lupa tai edes mainita kuvan ottaja.

Lähetin :) olin asiallinen ja kehotin jatkossa olemaan tarkempi tekijän- ja käyttöoikeuksien kanssa. Saa nähä mitä vastaa.

I had same experience as you, the difference was that photos taken by me were used in one article in the magazine. 😑 I was really annoyed, and wished I would had opened my mouth because that is not acceptable at all.

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You totally should have! Where did they got your photos from?

I had them on imgur, where I put all photos taken photos from different dog events.



Sort of : /

Regards for your Profesional Reception of your great work!

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Hahahahahhaahahaha thanks I guess 😂😅

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I understand how you feel, these things really piss me off!
For this reason, even if I don't like doing it, I sign my photos.

I would write to them that this is not the correct way to treat people because by doing so they are diminishing your work.

In short, they are assholes!

Watermarks take a second to remove in photoshop and are ugly so I wouldn't bother. I did end up sending a nice message and telling them to be more mindful in the future about how and whose pictures they use. We'll see if I get a response.

You are right about watermarks, but deleting them is an extra step that they have to do and that implies the alteration.

Often the photos, being shared, saved, forwarded, etc., information about who is the author of the photo is lost. This is not the case with the watermark.

I am someone who hates watermarks, in fact mine are almost invisible...but they have often come in handy...

(I hope you understand the concept my English is learning)

Your English is fine :) I assume you also add your name and contact info into the metadata? I think most people wouldn’t think to check that.

I’ve kinda come to terms with the fact that putting your pictures on the internet puts them in risk of someone using them and you might not even find that out ever. It’s wrong but there are not many ways to fight it, I think the only thing would be to only upload really low resolution versions and only put up the good stuff when someone pays for it.

I'd recommend asking one of your classmates to contact them and explain that they would like to use the image. Have them ask to be provided with the photographers name and contact information since it was not included in the newsletter.

Sneaky! That’s not actually a bad idea 😝

The secondary bonus of this method is ... I'm assuming that they will call you first before they offer up your information to someone (hopefully). When they call, you act like you didn't know they used your photo, then explain that that was cool as long as you got credit for the shot.

At least, it should open the door for a civil conversation that doesn't seem like you are provoking.