More Moody Moodyness

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There were supposed to be two or three more images to this set but my Wacom and Photoshop were having some matiral issues. I tried to counsel them to the best of my ability but at the end I had to put them both to time-out to cool off. I’ll resume the session tomorrow with a clear head.

Shot with the Nikon D750 and Sigma 85mm f1.4.




Smoking is bad mmkay.

See my cigarette is not even lit, such a poser.


I've been chain smoking lately. I get bored.

That's a damn long Cig.... really wish I could have one..

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No problem 👍🏾

Hah! These pictures feel like "The Fault in our Stars".

“If you never light the cigarette, you never give the thing that can kill you the power it needs to kill you.”

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