Moose Hunting - a Photo Story

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I had the pleasure of joining a local hunting group today and trail them with my camera. The day started 8am sharp with morning coffee and planning in a little hut before we all headed to the forest with each person having their own assignment and set place to be.

I really appreciate this way of life where you live as one with the nature. You know what it can give you if you treat it with respect and never overuse its resources.

If you are vegan, vegetarian, think meat grows in a supermarket and/or are squeamish in any way, I would recommend you skip this post.


















Pictures shot with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8, the moose with an undescriptive rifle.


Took a risk and scrolled past the warning as a vegan - feel sorry for the animal, although I'm used to seeing it as someone who grew up in the village. Photos are splendid and deserving of an upvote regardless.

My whole family is vegans and I am definitely happy to see that others try to share the respect for food production in different cultures.

Mmmm. Moose. The cow of the forest.

You made a funny.

Funnies. The only bad habit of mine I'm trying not to break.

Great photos Eve. The forest looks lush and I particularly love the shot of the rifle on the log and the flames.

think meat grows in a supermarket

This made me laugh...So many people are happy to make comments about animals taken on the hunt...Cruel, poor animal etc. But they seem happy to tuck into meat purchased at a supermarket in a little white tray where it's made! 😂

I thought the rifle might be of your interest.

If someone is a vegan because they think animals deserve the same rights as human, that's fine. But when a meat eater thinks hunting is cruel, it is truly baffling to me.

Yep, I agree. I've had someone tell me that whilst they were eating bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Takes all kinds though I guess.

The audacity 😅😂

I've heard moose meat is superb. We eat lots of venison. I can never get enough of it. The best part of it— 100% lean n' organic. 😛

They are very similar, I think moose is just a tad bit more game-y. Definitely lean, there is not a singe ounce of fat on that animal :D


I have a smoker and would be bribing you with its usage for Moose Jerky, I wonder how similar the forests are, we have winter here already too in Central Alberta, so much easier to track in snow.

I always think Finland is kinda like Canada’s little brother, very similar but in a much smaller size.

We have a smoker at homehome but we only ever put fish in it. I wonder what part of the moose would be best suited for smoking 🤔 Moose meat is super tough and needs a long time to cook.


Mmmmm bbq love it

It's a bit nippy outside to be barbecuing 😅

Poor animal :-(