Little Photo Walk

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Sunday stroll in a town not much unlike the one I grew up in, though I lived far away from the town centre. Mom had her hockey practise, yes you read that right, and I decided to tag along so I could walk around the town with my camera.

As it was Sunday evening, it was super peaceful everywhere, hardly any people around. The supermarket yard was half full of cars but everywhere else people were few and far between.

I find small town to be very fascinating, often they look like nothing changed since the 80's, with only a few signs about the ever evolving world. People will look at you real long if you are out of town, they are trying to figure out who you might be visiting or related to. I know this because I'm from a small village and it's not often you see someone you don't at least vaguely recognise.

Shot with the Nikon D750 and Sigma 85mm f/1.4.








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Autumn photos make me happy. 😊
Also small towns... they're so cute... but they can also have a lot of drama and secrets in 'em.

For sure, everyone thinks they know everyones business and relations :D

What a quaint and wonderful little town! The many shades of red and orange on the trees are very beautiful, fitting for Autumn. I've also learned a bit of Finnish today... 😆


The pictures strongly resemble many of the small towns in the midwest where I grew up. The population was heavily Scandinavian, and descended primarily from immigrants from Norway and Sweden.

Now, as a small-town librarian, I seem to have become well-known despite my preference as an introvert to keep to myself, and my past as a home-schooled student outside the public school system. My sister was able to name-drop me in order to get the local Mexican restaurant to let her order with her credit card over the phone so I could deliver her dinner when she was bedridden with endometriosis.

"Oh, Jacob from the library? No problem, we'll get you taken care of."

On one hand, it's neat. On the other, I prefer more anonymity in my life.

Who knew being a librarian is a cool occupation, smart is the new sexy for sure! What a wholesome little town you have there, made me feel warm inside 🤗