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Been experimenting with colour lately because that is definitely something I am not that great at, I feel comfortable in black and white and think I can do it pretty well.

I love how versatile photography is, I can never ever get bored with it. I could even process the same photo ten times and that could keep me entertained for days!

I'm trying to think what kind of fun project I could do tomorrow from the comfort of my home. I'm always wanting to try different things and not get stuck on shooting the same stuff over and over. Well I am shooting myself but other than that, I try to add variety with my styling, the light, colours, mood, everything.

I'm basically playing dress up and reinventing myself every day, I love it.



You know it’s really hard to respond accordingly to ’legit’. ”Thank you”? 😄

Yeah, but you know what I mean...Not much else required. One of the nicest photos of you I've seen.

This one is a classic. Beautiful & elegant.

Thank you very much. I was trying to go for something almost reneissance inspired.

I really like it. It's something I don't see enough of in the real world. Modern meets renaissance akin to Hollywood's golden era.

Your creativity is so unique.

I’m in a hoodie and ripped jeans most of the time so I like to bring out the femininity in pictures :)

You're still fine with hoodie & ripped jeans. Either way.

Utterly beautiful shot, confident and vulnerable at the same time...

Thank you 🥰

This one is a great shot!

Thank you Markku!