Light Test

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It's not often that I actually plan out shoots and lighting, I just basically wing it and try to make what ever vague idea I have work. I was watching Inglourious Basterds, and Tarantinos lighting, especially in that movie, is super inspirational.

I wanted to try and make something inspired by his famous table lighting. I used the only movable ceiling lamp I have, and did a makeshift snoot for it from a paper bag to direct the light better and block light spilling everywhere.

I did this in the morning so there was way too much natural light in the room, so I couldn't get the kind of contrast I wanted. I also need the light to be really bright so I can add atmosphere spray fog stuff into the image, it won't show under soft light.

This was a good little test and I will revisit this idea some evening when I feel like dolling myself up to look like one of Tarantinos dames.



Gorgeous you!🤍

Thank you darling! 🤗

Who says you can't take photos that work and manage to tell a story with a simple setup?

What I could interpret this scene as would be as some chick in a movie having partied a bit too hard. The fact that your head is either out of focus or out of frame leaves what the face would look like under that scenario to the imagination and saves a lot of makeup work.

Simple is actually harder to do well, less room for error :)

I should just leave my head out all the time so it's not distracting anyone 😅

There is no need to leave your head out. There is nothing wrong with it. :)

I love it, Eve. It's this kinda stuff that reaffirms I'm not possessed for my infatuation with the camera - it's just a possessive art. Playing with ideas like this is real sport. The mannequin's hand also adds a dramatic element for me, as I'm unsettled by its presence in tandem with your hand. Hands-on experiments help, I guess?

Thank you sweetie! This is a sport for sure, sometimes when I have to move a lot of things around, and pose my whole body in weird positions for hours, I'm super sore the next day. I have a bit of a hand fetish, so it's something I like to bring into my images.

i like the dramatic lighting, looks very balanced, Warm and Cold

I'm quite a few days late to this one, but it doesn't matter, because its awesome! It's seemingly a simple setup, but the end result is pretty great, and shows focus really well. I can't remember which scene this is from, so I might have to dig out Inglorious Basterds from my library again 😄

Glad you finally got here, it’s never too late. That gif is from the end of the movie, last scene if I’m not mistaken.

That might be the most recognisable scene from the movie, I think. That, or Brad Pitt trying to say 'bonjourno' with his heavy American accent 😄