Joker's Self Care Sunday

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Okay guys, these ones are odd and I don't know if you are gonna like them, hell, I don't know if I like them!

These pictures were definitely not what I originally planned to do, but shit got weird and I let it play out. What I originally wanted to do was something a little more glam, put my hair up in a towel and pair the look with big "diamond" earrings, but I couldn't find the earrings, then it took me 30 minutes to pair my phone (aka remote) to my camera and by that time, I was already so pissed off that there was no way I could produce anything pretty, so I went the opposite way.

Self portraits shot with the Fujifilm x100f.




The next picture is NOT safe for work!



And yes I know it's not Sunday but self care Thursday just doesn't have the same ring to it.

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I take that as a compliment, even though I am not a huge Kaurismäki fan, too fucking depressing!

It was intended that way, btw the last photo is epic, truly art imho, the richness in depth, textures. Congratulations to you, and also to the photographer. Excellent.

Thank you very much! I AM the photographer, as well as the subject, that’s kinda my thing you know 😅

Ooops, I didn't know that. Double credit to you then. Or Triple, it must not be easy to be the subject and the photographer, like hunting yourself in a way I guess.

You know what I'm going to say I assume.


You keep repeating yourself!

I know...Is there a Finnish equivalent though? If so, let me know. (It will probably have 43 letters in the word right?) Lol.

Nothing that would have the same exact meaning, none that I can thing of any at least. I love knowing two very different languages, never a dull day when communicating in either one, though sometimes infuriating when there are literally no way to translate something so it would have exactly the same meaning.

OK, well legit it is then.

I blame you anyway...You keep posting legit-worthy things! If you start posting shit I'll not type legit. Maybe...Leshit! The commonly-accepted opposite of Legit. Lol.


I like it, you are very creative!

  ·  9 months ago (edited)


I mean, yes I am. Lol.

Edit: Ah fuck it...Legit! :)


Is it supposed to be pronounced like a French speaking person would pronounce it? Le Shit? :D

Good point. I had it pronounced (in my head) in the same way a person would say legit I guess, but nothing wrong with frenchy-fying it right? 😁

This is how I imagined it to be pronounced!

OMG you broke the comments!!! LeShit!!!! LMAO
This is what engagement is.

😉 I have moments of brilliance - My invention of the word leshit is one such moment. 😂

"You're welcome world."

[Mike drop, I'm out.]

That’s all got!!
LeShit... is that French?

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Hmm, no I think not. It just came to me in a moment of unadulterated, pure and simple brilliance. Happens sometimes.

On a rare occasion here but I like to give credit where it is due. 👍🏿


Not the the white face part, although....

These would be boring without it ;D

Facials are entertaining?

You are not safe for work, even with your clothes on. I mean that as a compliment. Do you love black and white photos? I think you do. That takes me back to Charles Chaplin and movies form the 1950's. Classic.

I think the photos are pretty cool! Kind of a sexy Joker 🙂👍

Me gusto! el blanco y negro en sus fotos, i like your post! nice to see black and white film pictures around here :-)

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/15 - need recharge?)

Great photos - I'm happy that you are never predictable @eveuncovered. The world needs more of your work :)

It’s self care everyday over here lol love this set!🎀

For me too, I’m sooooo high maintanence!

Nothing wrong with that! Being a spa owner has its perks, I love it. I can’t see myself doing anything else! Btw your hair looks sooo good!

I'm in love...

I know I told the Joker in the Lego Batman Movie that I did not have a favorite arch enemy, but i am changing my mind.

I’ve always wanted to be someones arch enemy!

Arch nemesis (in love) mode engaged!

Strange but I like it. The Joker's wifes kinda hot 💯🐒

Photo 2.06.2019 04 25 07.jpg

=) =P

Thahahaha 😝

You don’t need any self care when you are Batman 🤘😎🤘 😋

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When is LEGO Batman 2 or 3 or whatever coming out? Cannot wait. No, I have no idea if there are any talk about sequels for that or not.

Watch Ninjago if you haven't watched yet. It is cool 2

Self Care? Terveystupakka?
Sillon joskus kun poltin niin mentholeita sanottiin vuoristoilmaksi. Nyt en tiiä enää mitään tupakoinnista. Olettaisin että se vaarallisempaa kuin koskaan aiemmin koska niin kaikki muukin on. Syöt kananmunaa --> vaarallista. Otat kuvia --> vaarallista. Meet ulos --> vaarallista. Hengität ---> vaarallista.

Kyllä nää on niin Kaurismäkeläistä että. Niinkuin jaguaari tuossa jo totesikin. Varsinkin ensimmäinen.
Hyviä otoksia. Ja ihan ilman päivänvaloa! :)