Hunting Day

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I joined for another moose hunting day with my camera. The last time was only a week ago and the guys loved the pictures and welcomed me to join their hunt for another day. Previously I had to cut the day short because of prior engagements, but this time I could take part from dawn till dusk, literally.

The day started again from the hunting lodge, with coffee and sausages, while making plans on where to release the rest of the dogs and where everyone would go.

We were out in the woods from 8.30am until the sunset at 4pm, and the group got 3 moose calves. It was quite an eventful day and I happened to find myself in the heart of the action for most of it, even though everyone is obviously spread out through the village. It was a really awesome day, but very tiresome too. We didn't really eat or drink anything before the catch was dragged off from the woods and taken to the butchering place. We only had a little break and then went to continue the day at the butchering place where the fresh kills would be skinned and hanged, and the meat from previous week cut and shared.

I'm only showing a few snippets of the day, I did shoot a lot lot more, but I've yet to finish all the pictures, and I don't want to share all of them here anyway. I'm actually working on making the best pictures into a book to gift to the hunting group. I really loved being out there in the nature with my kind of people. Village life for the win.





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What's the calibre and projectile Eve? Professional curiosity.

How would I know, maybe something from Sako? 😅

I don't expect you to know but thought you might ask. No worries though.

I think dad might use Lapua actually. I’ll find that out for you at some point :)

Lapua ammo, yeah possibly. I guess I was more curious about the calibre and projectile used for moose. I'd say .308 minimum, but possibly 300 WinMag as due to the size a larger projectile may be required. As I said, just professional curiosity.

I'd say size of my ring finger, that's an accurate measurement right? 😂

Lol...I'd say totally legit Eve. 😉

Sounds like .308 probably.