Foggy Morning

in #photography2 months ago


With some luck, I woke up around seven without and alarm and after looking outside and seeing the fog, I was up and out in a matter of minutes.

I scouted this location yesterday and thought it's probably going to look pretty awesome at sunrise with the fog, and I was right. I did not plan the sun shining perfectly above the road and between the trees though, that is where I got lucky.

Shot with the Nikon D750 and Sigma 35mm + 85mm f/1.4.






This looks good 👌😊, soon I have this strong fog also here. It start look soon cool when all trees yellow.

It’s been unusually warm in here the past weeks, how about there?

Same :) ... but soon we see how cold winter comes.

This looks like a beautiful morning, yet a part of me eerily reminds me of walking into Silent Hill 😬

Silent hill but not scary :)

If Silent Hill ever had a happy ending, it would look like this XD