Bird's Eye View

in photography •  2 months ago 


Let this be the image you have of me when ever I'm chilling in bed. It usually takes me an hour to get up from bed in the morning, and I'd like to think this is what I look like prior to it, not the grumpy little dragon staring at her phone that is the reality.

Self portraits, shot with the Fujifilm x100f.





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Really a master of self portraits! You have a plan for each angle and mood.
Clever! <3

Plan? What are plans? I prefer plants.

hahahah! I mean you are very knowledgeable about taking self portraits. Better now? :D

Oh, now I know what the funny looking device attached to the ceiling was for. To capture this bird's eye view. You have one creative ass (pun intended).

Not so mysterious after all 😁

Thank you for the tip! That was a nice surprise :)

You never fail to impress

I never impress to fail

So it did work out after all :) I'm glad to see you're ok :)

Ofc it worked, I know how to do this 😝

Judging from the results, you know what you are doing :) Sadly you can do this all yourself and do not need a photographer to uncover you lol

This is basically all I know what to do 😅 and yeah I decline most shoots because if I can do it better myself, why would I have someone waste my time to take not so great images 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ofc you should only accept offers from somebody who can do it better.

Numbers three and five are my favorite. Good job, altogether. Take care and have fun!

Thank you!

Oh cool, now I know what the camera on the ceiling is good for 😍

Also for doing home porn if you’re into that stuff 🤣


Thank you :)

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous 😍

Jealous of who/what? 😁

That's a secret, but it's 1 of these 2 reasons:

1 . Your look and beautiful body


2 . Your Fujifilm x100f camera


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Did you put a mirror on the ceiling too? To help with posing right? ;)

Haha I wish! That would be fun, though I’m pretty sure I’d freak myself out every damn day.

Mornings would be great if they happened later in the day. "just go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier," people say. But I'm a night owl by nature. I can't change that.

Exactly! 😅 I’m a night owl too but love the vibe the early morning has. It’s actually easier to stay awake until the morning than it is to wake up early.

I'd be more inclined to stay awake until dawn if I could get to sleep better during the day.

The first one is my quarantine position when I think about another day under lock down

I prefer laying on my side when I’m in fetal position.

Oh, I know "how" now.
Intervalometer or you've found a way to hide the remote? ;-)

I try to chuck the phone(aka remote) away from the frame and pose in two seconds, but in some of these pictures I’ve actually had to photoshop the phone out 😅

An unusual point of view for self shots, excellent result ;)

I love these! This gave me anxiety tho like what if the camera falls off LOL. I was imagining you taped it on the ceiling but saw the other post on how you did it. :D

Thanks babe! No cameras and/or humans were harmed in the making of these :D