Autumnal Girl Mini Photoshoot

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"Hey, can I take a picture of you?"

I did something super scary today and asked to take a strangers picture. For the normal person, it might not sound very scary, but I'm a pussy and deadly afraid of talking to strangers. I can just about muster a Hi, thank you and bye when going to the grocery store.

It was a super lovely warm autumn day here, one of many in the past weeks, and I was out on a walk. I was having trouble finding anything that interesting to shoot, but I saw a lot of little groups and couples taking pictures of each other in the parks. Every time I walk past someone taking pictures with their phone, I feel like I want to offer to take one with my big boy camera. After seeing a third little photoshoot, and walking past them, I got myself some balls, turned around and walked up to them.

I said hi, showed my big camera and asked if they wanted me to take their picture and then I could edit it and send their way and they can do what ever they wanted with them. Only the other girl wanted photos, the other who was taking them first to begin with, refused and that's of course fine. The girl was quite nervous and so was I, but I took a few shots and then ran away after getting her email. The whole interaction lasted 3 minutes, no joke.

Are these pictures anything exceptional? 100% no. But am I super proud of myself? YES!

I am so so proud that I had the courage to do it and did manage to get images that are alright. This is something I really should do a lot so I could get used to shooting different people, directing them and not being so horribly nervous while doing it.

I just send these pictures to the girl in the photos, and I don't yet if she likes them. Girls are very hard to photograph because they pick themselves apart and there can be some tiny detail they hate and don't want to see in a picture. I really hope she does like these because she is very beautiful and what I did in edit was to just perfect her a little so she could be her best self, well, my idea of it. By the way, I didn't ask for a permission to post these, so maybe don't rat me out okay?

Shot with the Nikon D750 and Sigma 85mm f/1.4.



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Thanks! :)

She is very pretty... But you're the hero! Lol.... I would not have the courage to ask like that - something that I need to work on, obviously! Bravo!! :)

Thank you so much! Yeah she is a beauty so kinda easy to have as a subject 😁 We’ll see when is the next time I can have enough courage again, might be a while 😂

Lol... Good luck to us! 😄

The whole interaction lasted 3 minutes, no joke.

That's some sort of fast food for photography 😀. Funny, but I got stopped by people to take them photographs, and just launched myself into this hobby. I was probably looking like I know what I'm doing 😂... No woman has asked that yet though... I know, I should start asking, but I doubt I'll run after three minutes.

Really!? If having to take someones picture was my entry to photography, I'd probably never do it again 😂

The sequence is so cool. Seeing her smile. Yay for you! I never ask anyone either. I'm out constantly with my camera...

Maybe if she writes you back you could ask her if she would like to do more. Something like is there anything you always wanted to do? To be photographed as? Or in? Or something like that. I'm kinda of giving myself ideas and pep talk as well lol

I’d ve interested to see your pictures of people that are not riding a wave, but maybe after they have come back to the shore? 😊

Njäh, she is pretty but nothing that inspires me so I’ll leave it at these impromptu shots :)

You mean like up close?😳 Yikes. Ok I will give it a go. Then if I send it to them they will want shots of themselves riding waves too! For free lol. I get guys wanting free shots a lot and I tell them a price and they get bummed.

What’s your longest lens? Don’t need to get too close 😛 Don’t sell yourself short!

450mm with the crop sensor. So yes I can probably get away with it.

Hahaha that is great, you don’t have to get close at all!

Haha! Yes. Except the damn camera makes everyone paranoid when I point it in their direction. I have a plan though 😉

You mean like up close?😳 Yikes. Ok I will give it a go. Then if I send it to them they will want shots of themselves riding waves too! For free lol. I get guys wanting free shots a lot and I tell them a price and they get bummed.

Woohaa I'm so proud of you!🙌 Did such a project a long time ago by myself so I know how you must have felt. I did it with a red chair, and asked if people wanted to pose with it. Learned a lot from that day although my pictures did suck way more then yours.

Preferring the second image the most that smile suits her face way better. Did you already hear something from her?

We were in Vietnam a while back and were walking along beside the Tây Hồ lake minding our own business when some dude came over and grabbed Faith by the arm dragging her away from me, only a few feet though. He pushed her into place in the middle of his family and took a picture. It was kind of funny once I realised what was going on, especially since they were all so short. Apparently it's good luck or something, or maybe just novel to have a six foot white blonde girl-stranger in your family photos. We never saw a copy of the photo though. This happened three or four times and even waiters bringing our food in restaurants asked for photos. No one asked for one with me though. Understandable I guess.

At least you asked first, so well done there.

Sounds kinda funny but it’s not, luckily Faith had you there. I’d be terrified and/or really fucking annoyed if someone grabbed me like that. We had a family holiday in Egypt when I was a teenager and my sister was blonde and as pale as they come, so she got a lot of unwanted attention and it was not fun. Never going back there again.

Though I’d imagine this sort of thing doesn’t happen as much anymore, most people have access to tv and internet so seeing someone ”exotic” is not such a big deal.

Yeah, I went to act immediately but clearly saw the family there, already arranged for the photo. Faith wasn't too happy, she hates being the centre of attention, but I nodded and said do it and moments later we were on our way.

Being as tall as she is, white, blonde etc...What happened to your sis happens to her also and we're careful where we travel for that reason; She hates people looking at her. We've been all over Asia which is where it happens most, not the Middle East though. It must have been a little confronting for your sister.

If only she was uglier and not a gorgeous blonde Amazonian goddess, hard not to look at someone like her 😅

If only... 🤣

She really doesn't like the attention though.

It's an awesome photo! I bet Autumn would be an photographer's favourite month of the year, just for how pretty it makes everything looks. Cheers for having asked the stranger for her photo, too! I don't think I would've had the courage to insist someone to do it, plus directing them into the right place, too! :-D