At the Edge of Reality

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What what, another coloured self portrait from me, who am I even!?

I shoot with in RAW plus a small jpeg format with some of the filters build in the Fujifilm as my guide. Sometimes the filter gives such amazing tones that I try and replicate something similar when I process the RAW image. This was one of those times.

I think it was the soft colour filter I had on and when the sun was shining at a low angle, it made the image really soft and warm toned, with green-ish shadows that remind me of some of the old masters paintings. Sadly the compressed form of this image makes the background a pixelated mess but I don't know how I could make it look better for you, I am no pro at this.

Why I call this "At the Edge of Reality" is because I think the image looks super natural (not supernatural) even though it has been edited quite a lot. My aim with photography is to create images you can believe in, even though they are very much a creation, not a document of reality.

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You are right. It is a very natural image. The focus of your eyes and the tones make it very warm and engaging.

You totally look like the girl who plays "Moriarty" on Elementary

I take that as a compliment!

Beautiful picture @eveunconvered! I love the intense look in your right eye. :) Cheers and I hope you have a spectacular day/night/moment!