Adventuring with Snowmobiles

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Countryside winter wonderland fun at its best right here!

50 kilometers of sledding with a few little stops so we could take pictures. Most of the route runs along the power lines, but part of the way we dove deep into the forest where the route is only as wide as the sled, it was quite magical.

I know I will hurt sooo much tomorrow, but I will try and melt off some of the muscle soreness in sauna later today.






Oh wow that is one way to experience beautiful nature during winter...

Can’t be looking around too much though, else you might drive into a rock or tree stump 😅

Then slow down! Silly?

No gloves? Hope that model has those built-in hand warmers. I know how freezing it is there.

I was just taking pics so didn’t have my gloves on. It’s actually only -1 today and I usually turn the handwarmers down to the lowest setting because otherwise it starts to feel really uncomfortable 😅

-1 is warm for there. It was unusually cold last time I was in Finland at around -25. They were talking about cancelling rides etc.., due to it. The next day it rose to -8. Still terrible for me.., you need those massive thermal things to survive.

You’ve been to Finland, I don’t recall you mentioning that before. Were you visiting Lapland? -25 is starting to be quite cold but with good merino wool long underwear, another layer and then outerwear, you are all good.

It was years ago, around 2011. Did the Santa thing for my daughter who was young then. I loved it.., it was magical and had an aura. It's really cold but lacks the horrible damp feeling we have in the UK.

Did you go to Santa Park? I remember visiting the place a few times when I was younger.

I’ve never been as cold here as I’ve been in London, dear loord the dampness is dreadful and the insulation in houses is nonexistant! Granted, I’ve failed to pack adequate clothing since to me 5-10 degrees shouldn’t require winter clothing.

I looked up my old emails, it was Ylläs, Kolari, Finland. Can't remember Santa Park, though we did meet Santa (doesn't everyone!). Cost an arm and a leg for the trip and only a 3* Hotel too.

I’ve never been as cold here as I’ve been in London, dear loord the dampness is dreadful and the insulation in houses is nonexistant!

Yes, we have a lot to learn from you guys in the real cold places.

I ride dirt bikes, never have riden on a snowmobile and somehow it looks funner! Gorgeous photography friend <3

And I’ve never ridden a dirt bike but that looks fun too! Snow does make for a softer fall though 😂

We hit -30 today ... The air is still. The only sound you can hear is the gentle whine of far-away snowmobiles making their way to wherever they are going.

-1 is a nice temp to go sledding, but with hand warmers, good jackets and the warmth from the engine, it's a little warm!! (That is hard to explain to folks from a warmer climate)

-30 ❤️❤️❤️

Yes -1 is too warm, only northeners will understand 😄 Today it was -8 and that is pretty nice, had to even pull up the balaclava to cover the cheeks though.

It's also extremely hard to explain to folks who've never been sledding just how much of a core body workout it actually is. They all assume it's like riding in a car ... not realizing that you need to really lean in to the corners, you're constantly standing and sitting to see what's in front of you - at the end of every run, you dread the aches and pains that the next day will bring ... unless you are going sledding again. Then it's all good.

100% agree! If the only place that starts hurting is your ass for sitting too long, you are doing it wrong.