6 Minutes Flat

in #photography2 months ago


Gutted in 6 minutes.

After spending 3 weekends in the forest with a moose hunting group, I still have a lot of pictures to go through and process. I think I captured a few gems and I'm looking forward to that time when I am able to put some of them in a print form. I really think a storytelling form of photography will work best when you can actually flip through pages or see them displayed as big prints on the wall.

I wish I have a chance to do more of interesting documentary photography in the future. I love watching people work and be passionate about what they do.







No guts no glory!

Do they leave the guts in the forest or are they bagged and taken a way for disposal? I imagine the guts would be gone in a few hours or a day tops if left at the site.

Liver is usually saved, sometimes the heart and kidneys too, everything else is left on the site and I was indeed told that within a week, there is zero trace left.

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I feel bad for the moose

Why? In that country there are plenty of other things that will hunt, kill and eat the moose. These people will also eat the moose. Far better than an animal shut in a cage for its entire life. This is where meat and leather comes from; dead animals.