Photography - Takatsuto Gorge, Japan [ 高津戸峡 ]

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Today I decided to go and explore a new spot so I could take some photos as well as get the family out the house ( kill two birds with one stone ).

The location is called Takatsuto Gorge and is located in Midori City in the prefecture of Gunma, Japan. Long story short, my twins were disappointed as there were no swings or jungle gyms 😄.

But anyhow, let me take you along the journey through pics and text. Don't worry, more pics, less text.

You first cross this bridge that is around 200-250ft above the gorge ( my estimation). The view from here is gorgeous and you can see the red bridge in the first pic in the distance.

Here is the view from the first bridge, you can see the red bridge in the distance. I had no clue that there would be a trail that leads to it, so it was a nice little trek through nature.

I edited the images a bit once I transferred them from my mirrorless camera to my iphone and made them a bit more vivid. IDK but when I take shots with the mirrorless, they turn out pale. It is probably the settings, I haven't really mastered them as yet.


There are some steep stairs ( not the ones in the pick but others) to go down and we thought we may have to go back the same way we came, but that wasn't the case.

I really admired the rock formations sitting by the greenery of the trees and the water. I could stay here a bit and take in the scene, but not with the kiddos around.


There were a couple other smaller bridges to cross. I snapped this shot looking back at where we came from. ( the bridge in the second pic)


At this point we were closer to the red bridge and also closer to the water. I can imagine people swimming here during the summer, but it is a bit rough so you'd have to be careful; I wouldn't bring the kids here to swim at all.


Here is the red bridge from a higher part of the trail. There are many spots to rest that had roofs incase rain fell. I would love to do a BBQ here but I'd have to bring a mini gill I could carry in my backpack. Hmmm camping in the summer anyone?


A mini waterfall can be seen in the distance, I zoomed in to get a better shot....did I? 😄

And here is the money shot I believe. I didn't take any pics from the the red bridge as the kiddos were ready to go to a "real park" 😒

So the trail went in a circle leading right back to the parking lot ( lucky!) If we had to go back the way we came I don't think the kids could handle it. On the way back I saw this shrine and snapped it up ( I was trigger happy as I haven't had a chance to take pics with my camera in minute.

This old school train was passing by as we got back to the car and I snapped that too. There are actually many train fanatics that lay wait trains like this.

Well, hope you enjoyed the pics. Back to papa life for me. But how I feel, if I don't create at least one piece of content each day, I don't feel good. Cheers to content baby, especially on the blockchain!

Bless UP!

Camera: Canon M50 ( KissM)
Location: Midori City, Gunma, Japan. Takatsuto Gorge.

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This looks like a pretty cool spot. I've never been to Japan but am hoping to go there with one my brother's and his Japanese wife someday. I think it would be cool to have a local with us. You live there yourself or are you just visiting?

Hey! Thanks for the comment. It is indeed a cool little spot.

I actually been living here for over a decade. Home away from home 😁. Anytime you are in Japan and you wanna have a hive link up let me know dude.

I love Japan. I have been trying to study Japanese during lockdown. I guess after 10 years you'll have the hang of it by now. Great post, cool little spot