Hurricane Dorian and My New Camera

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I tried out my new Canon 80D camera today, and am pretty happy with it, even though it's not a full-frame like I have been used to ever since the original Canon 5D came out about 14 years ago. Shooting with a cropped frame will have its advantages, I'm sure. This afternoon I tried out my 100mm macro lens on it and just grabbed this couple of shots. I will need to get used to how the autofocus works, but apart from that, the controls are pretty much what I have been used to.

A carpenter bee on purple salvia
carpenter bee.jpg
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

A silver-spotted skipper butterfly (scientific name Epargyreus clarus) on pink vinca flowers
silver spotted skipper.jpg
© Diane Macdonald - All Rights Reserved

What's with the title about Hurricane Dorian? I live on the east coast of Florida, so for the next few days am likely to be pretty preoccupied preparing for Hurricane Dorian which is barreling towards us, and if I don't post again this week. It's not because of hf21! We are bang in the center of that cone!

We are on an island, and they close the bridges once the wind gets to a certain level. That means if we are told to evacuate, we pretty much have to, as no emergency personnel remain when the bridges close!

Please pray for everyone in the path of this storm. This is going to be a powerful storm, they are telling us!

Photography is my main source of income so if you like my work, please support me by checking out my portfolio website on Adobe. There you will find links to all the places where my work is available as stock and art. You may purchase art prints and products through Zazzle, Redbubble and Fineartamerica by following the links there.

Thanks for reading!

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Beautiful shots from the new cam

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Thank you. Resized for Steemit though.

Still great

Stay safe and enjoy the camera. It’s the same one I have :-)

So, you're the one I come to with questions then? LOL! Most things are the same as I'm used to , so I dial by instinct . The only thing that I really need to get used to is how you choose the focus point or points. I was used to pushing a little button and then using the dial to choose the focus point. I still keep looking for that little focus button! I'll get used to it, though!

I bought Canon EOS 80D for Dummies, and need to thumb through it again. I'm trying my hand at spot metering to get the best image for B&W conversion, with details in the blacks and whites and less clipping. I use GIMP, and have to use jpeg rather than RAW at this point, but may change programs in the future as I know RAW will give me what I'm looking for.

Ah, yes. Raw is the only way to go for you to be making all your own creative decisions about each image. Just like Ansel Adams! Lol! I used spot metering all the time with my 5D Mk II, but have to figure it out with this one. Perhaps I ought to actually read the manual! Lol! Maybe I need 80D for Dummies too.

One thing I have noticed is just how noisy the shutter is. One picture of a butterfly and it’s scared off!!

I know it’s the mirror making that infernal noise. My 5D must have been more insulated.

I have to try to hack my editor to use RAW. I think it's a plug-in. It didn't work last time I tried, but I've updated since, so it's worth looking into again. It's not just butterflies, BTW. That noise alerts otherwise unsuspecting street photo subjects, which can be a problem ;-)

You can't use the Canon Raw software? I never use it because I like the Adobe one better because I have got used to it!

I've never had a camera that has such a clunky mirror sound, but oh well! It was half the price of getting one of the newer 5D models, which I just could not justify!

Oh be sure to take care of yourself. That bridge deal really puts your situation in a whole new light! Do you have a place that you generally go to?

My son has an 80d and loves it. It is a bit heavy to me coz I am used to my tiny Panasonic G7 mirrorless. Of course my son refers to my cam as a toy lol.

I went to your Adobe link and WOW you are all over! Which site do you think provides you the best way to sell to your viewers on here?

Thanks! Yes, we have to pay attention. I was in Scotland during Irma, and my son was staying here at the time. He and my husband and all the people on our street decided at the last minute not to evacuate when they saw it was coming in as a CAT 1, and the bridges had not yet closed. we got a lot of wind, and our next door neighbor's house had a whole pine tree toppled onto it!

We are about a mile inland, so a CAT I won't bring a storm surge this far, but a direct hit from a CAT 3 and above might, so we'll be outta here! My niece lives in Orlando, so that's a good choice. A friend who is a bit further inland from us has offered to have us there too. This is the first time we have not had to worry about pets! During Hurricane Matthew my son evacuated to Orlando with his 2 cats plus our 2! We were in Scotland at the time.

Funny that you think the 80D is heavy. To me it is a lightweight camera now! :-) :-)

Thanks for checking out my link. The Zazzle, Redbubble and fFineartamerica are the places to go for prints and t-shirts and stuff! Anyone needing microstock images, then all the other sites except for Getty would be good. There is some overlap of images on them. The images on Getty are unique and not on any other stock site except the ones Getty markets them on!

The 80d is light LOL. Add some glass and it is as heavy as a boat anchor lol. You must be a muscle gal lol.

Ah thanks for the info. I dont spend a lot of effort on it like you do of course, but I have had my best luck on Twenty20 for what its worth.

The body is still quite a bit lighter than my old 5D Mark 11. It’s made of plastic. But yes, my existing lenses will weigh it down considerably. The 2 that came with it ( and made for the cropped frame)!are as light as feathers!! Lol!

And my old favorite f1.4 50mm lens is extremely light too. On the 80D it becomes 80mm!

you got great shots with it it must fele good having a new camera even if it isa Crop sensor you can still do magi with it

I resized those quite a bit for Steemit too. The full sized ones in Photoshop are tack sharp!

I do the same downsizing them for here and it loses some detail but I love those shots

Thanks! Yes, the butterfly and the bee are both extremely sharp at 100% in Photoshop! That was my first trial with my existing macro lens. I haven't tried the new lenses yet. I expect they will be good.

Thats great I must take my macro lens out again soon

And yes I am sure the new lenses will be great soon

Maybe I'll be using them to shoot a hurricane!

Ohh yes I forget to respond that lets hope it turns or weakens and doesn't put you at any risk or needing to evacuate,

Latest models put it about halfway up Florida, but it's a bit far out yet to be certain. we'll get bad weather wherever it hits, I'm sure! Part of life in Florida is watching the Weather Channel! LOL!

So fun to be using a new camera. Have fun and take care.

Thanks! There is always a bit of a learning curve, but I have always used Canons. That makes it easy to use the dials. A couple of things are different = like the focusing, but that will come.

We will heed all warnings!

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Thanks, Pixie!!

Oh, on Red Bubble!? I got few of their t-shirts and a bad. How small is our world!
Sorry, my connection didn't let me see photos, don't kniw why, so I jyst can read a text

Oh, that's a shame. I did downsize them fro Steemit. Maybe they are still too big for your device. Thanks for stopping by anyway!

I think the cause is somewhere else, because I don't see images only on Steemit. :(( It is local internet or smth woth my smartphone I think.

Aw, that’s a shame. Yes, it may have to do with the speed of your connection.

I'll know for sure when got home. Look forward to it :)

Ah yes. I've run into that while traveling too, so I understand!

I used to live in Florida and miss the vinca. My ex thought it was a weed, but I love it. Such great shots, @dmcamera, new camera or not. Prayers for your safety through the storm.

Thanks! Your prayers are much appreciated for all of us in the path of this awful storm. We will likely have an evacuation order tomorrow or Sunday!

That new camera seems to be working pretty good for you excellent shots and i hope your all safe with that Hurricane Dorian 👀

Great pics!

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Please stay safe and keep your new camera nearby to capture some of those remarkable water photgraphs we've come to expect from you! 🌊📷🌊

Thanks Nina! We have been totally blessed as Dorian passed us by. Our neighbors in the Bahamas were not so fortunate, so am busy getting our own emergency hurricane supplies ready to head for the Bahamas. Will write about it later.