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Amazing food trip to the Amazon. I love your video of the trip to Belem. And Eliana is precious. The food looks so delicious. I love how you described each dish. The travel through the market was amazing also. I've never heard of many of the fruits, flowers, and nuts from the region.

And later, their version of the hotdog.

OMG, I couldn't leave the video. I watched it from start to finish. I'll never get to visit, so thank you for taking me with you on your tour. The Tacaca dish looks savory and yummy.

Looks like you were eating all day just one after the other amazing foods.

Thank you but I need to clarify that the YouTube video link is not mine. I just added it because he described the Amazon food so amazingly that I wanted you all to watch it too. Thank you anyways and do not lose the opportunity to know the rich amazonian and brazilian cuisine. I love it!

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Ok, thanks for clarifying. It was still amazing to watch. I learned so much for viewing it. I'm in the U.S., and have never been to South America.

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