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Hi friends!

Do you sometimes notice how unusually transforms nature in winter?

Зимние плоды.jpg

Snow-covered trees have very beautiful view.

Ёлки в снегу.jpg

Ветка ели.jpg

Snowdrifts on branches take on completely bizarre shapes

Снежные ветви_корр.jpg

Витая ветка.jpg

And the most beautiful time is evening, of course, when in the light of city lights the snow cover flickers with a million colorful flashes.

Isn't that all beautiful, is it?

Парк с сердечками.jpg

Have a nice day to all of you!


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Wow, those are amazing snow cover pictures :D

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!

@sarakey, thank You))
The winter pleases us this year.

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Congratulations @daring-celt

@ambiguity, thanks for support!

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@qurator, thanks for support!

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