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C'mon now, you gotta give us more to work with.
If we voted this up, SFR would flag it as low effort.

Open up, find a voice, eh?

It's hard to do that when you posting 10+ times a day and self voting it.

Some folks got nothing better to do, i guess.

Jeebus, what did I do?
Some folks don't have better things to do,...

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@themarkymark I'm not spamming I'm working, quit making up stuff! If anything my time is freed now!See I have time now to share on your blog! lol quit bullying everybody!

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@Buildawhale is more like build a jail!

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Pictures speak a thousand words! It's O.K. to post pics!! Aspics does!! WTF!@I have a voice, I'm just not wanting to share it as much since STEEM rewards are so low! I been writing enough posts with my voice - they get flagged too so if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!

Lol, such is the travails of living, and learning.

Give us some local history, or herstories, I'm not picky.

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O.K. good idea. I'm working on adding text and stuff, maybe even a bio about me the photographer. I like that idea having preface / history or something about the location!. I think random Hawaiian quotes might be another thing to spice it up?? lol . All this takes time, I can't build Rome overnight! thanks!!

Judging by the first photo there will be a storm. Very beautifull thanks .


Hey @coininstant, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!