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What are you using to post this?
You have a lot of tags.
You're the #1 owner of ASS tokens now.

You know what, now that I have more stake in the community it gives me less of an incentive on spamming and more of an incentive to be good as to not drive my investment down. It's self governing??

I guess so since you practically own the community. lol You'd be rich if it is ever successful.
It looks like Acksa filled your buy order.
You got me doing some gambling on the token. lol
I think they should put some ads up to help with revenue and stuff.

Are you in contact with the leadership? I think Steemleo leadership should have listened to me more.

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Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 9.12.52 PM.png

I raised the ask price. lol

Wow, yeah the bid price is really going up! Sweet!

Oh yeah i'm in contact, thanks!

I guess I will keep buying. lol

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Β last yearΒ (edited)

Nice, #1 Asshole! lol and rising!

Yeah I invested in ASS, we're getting an ASS exchange set up!

I use Beempy, it's the bomb for posting. It's python and beem, I wrote my own little scripts for posting with as many tagsas I want! Just get it installed and I can help and send you a template for posting if you need. I should really just make my own frontend for my post system, would not be that hard. That's a great idea, thanks!!

I made sure to finally read the post. I did decide to pull my sell order. lol Seems like they should be running ads like steemleo does.

LOL Trade dat ASS. ;)

I'm surprised you didn't make your own token and own front end.

I was going to make a token but I guess now I will wait and do a community for only 3 Steem.


beautiful and unusual dawn, thank you very much for the exchange, good, successful day to you

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Thank you very much for sharing great photos, have a good day and a great mood

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