The Positive Side of Flies

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Friend, tonight I have a post about flies. Maybe we already know if a fly is one of the insects whose existence is very disturbing and causes many diseases.

Its existence is often considered disturbing so people who see it often feel disgusted. This winged animal likes to live in a dirty environment and becomes an intermediary that carries bacteria and various other germs that are from the body and its saliva.

In this post, I will not discuss the type,but I will tell you a little about the positive effects of the existence of this animal.

Some photos that I took, this type of green fly is a species that is often found in Southeast Asia, and spread to Australia. The Latin name is Chrysomya megacephala.

flies are one animal that has an important role in the ecosystem. The extinction of a creature must have an impact on the ecosystem as a whole. If flies become extinct, the effect that can be seen is the reduction in the population of insectivorous animals such as lizards, geckos and other insectivorous animals.

They will be threatened with extinction and will affect the existing food webs. In addition, without flies there will be no pollination, such as the type of flies from the family bombyliidae and syrphidae which farmers are very fond of.

Another positive side of flies is that they can be used in industry because they have a gene called the Refilin gene which has a function of replacing rubber which is usually obtained from gum or other gum.

Flies are also one of the parsers that can break down household waste, this is very important to reduce waste on earth.

Researchers from the University of Alicante, Spain, conduct research that proves fly larvae can break feces or feces from animals and humans. This means that these fly larvae can be used to reduce the amount of biological waste on earth.

Flies can also decompose dead bodies so that they are easily integrated into the ground. Fly larvae can be used as an alternative food source. The type of fly larvae that can be used as an alternative food source comes from large types of army flies. This army fly larva contains 50% protein and 25% fat from the whole body.

When compared with other decomposers, such as worms. Lava from flies has the advantage because the movement of flies is not only limited to land, flies can move freely because they have wings to fly.

Thus my review this time, may be useful and increase our knowledge about this animal.

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