Mushroom season has started

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It's autumn now, aka. mushroom season, although this day was particularly warm with above 20 degrees and sun, might've been the last day with summer-like weather this year. Being Tuesday, it was also my day off work, so I went to the woods to check out some mushrooms, and did find plenty.

The early autumn starts with brittles (all the pictures are of them). I just realized that the name describes the texture of the Russula genus: fragile, spongy, crumbly. Same thing in Finnish, actually. The older brittles get often eaten by snails and insects, and worms often get inside the stipe.

They're at their best as young – the big ones don't even contain more nutrients or energy, because the mushrooms grow just by inflating their cells with water.

I like to use mushrooms in meal solutions in which you only add minced meat and water to the bag contains, but just substituting the meat with mushrooms. Brittles have a savory taste of their own, and I actually really like them as such, fried on a pan with a drop of oil.

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Good time to search for mushrooms, I love them!
Great pictures anyway!

Free food is very lovable :P
Thank you @ttg!

I really like mushrooms to replace meat because the texture and taste are very similar.

While you're on the ground, 50 push-ups and 50 squats?? haha

Haha, forest workout.

Mid-workout snack if non-poisonous. Hope to see your triumphant return to the challenge soon.

Cool pics! Thanks for giving me ideas with that wonderful beetle shot! (I mean photographic ideas. Not going to eat it. :)

Thanks, and you're welcome!

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Those are great photos. Mushroom season is a great time. I havent picked mushrooms since I was a kid. We used to pick morels. I hope you know which ones are edible and which aren't though. Mushrooms can be super poisonous and there is often little room for error. Sounds like you are quite knowledgeable of them though. I didn't know that they grow by inflating themselves with water. That's really interesting. Good luck foraging!

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I hope you know which ones are edible and which aren't though. Mushrooms can be super poisonous and there is often little room for error.

Yup, I always make sure I know the species before eating, I have a pocket book with me to help identify them. Brittles are very safe to pick because they're easy to identify and don't include any poisonous species. Only a single species that burns your tongue.

oh to have woods like these where i live. they look absolutely lush and straight out of a fairy tale. cant wait to see the skateboarding pixie post!

Plenty of forest here in Finland :)

cant wait to see the skateboarding pixie post!


These photos are beautiful!! I love the dark feel to them and the stunning details you captured as well. Well done dude! ❤️

Thanks you, Justine!

Despite a warm day, it was still cloudy in the morning when I took these, so a dark tone seemed appropriate.

lovely macros! thank you.

Thanks for checking out :)

I know nothing about mushrooms, but they look cute :D
Nice shots! especially this one! :D

I know nothing about mushrooms, but they look cute :D

They are things that either give you energy, kill you or make you tripping balls.

Wonderful to have mushrooms around... our summer here has been so dry there are none yet; we need some rain first! A good rain, and then a little warmth, and a few days later we'll be off to look for chanterelles!

Nice photos!

Nice photos!

Than you!

Hope you find those chantarelles!

Nice catch and cool close ups :) I wrote almost identical post 3 weeks ago :D Mushroom picking is a national hobby here in the Czech Republic. Good to see you guys in Finland like it too.

I was kind of expecting your to see and comment on this post haha.

Actually, it was just a few days ago when someone I know (wasn´t that you? :D) shared @celestal ´s post about his rise up against one infamous Steemian "celebrity" :D and that was when I discovered @celestal and his cool content. To support his bold action, I put him on my autovoter. And you too Ade. I have been trying to focus more on curation lately. But yeah, we love mushrooms and you know it :D

I wrote almost identical post 3 weeks ago :D Mushroom picking is a national hobby here in the Czech Republic. Good to see you guys in Finland like it too.

Oh nice!
Yeah, we have forest all around us, so we are very much in touch with them and their provided goodies :)

Aww, those mushroom goodies... Mushroom sauce is my favorite of them ;)

Mushroom sauce is a classic 😋

I should only add, that the mushroom season started already in June, not in September :) with love from Karelia, hehe

Wow, started pretty early in your region :) Do you guys have a lot of mushrooms over there this year? We do.

yes, we do. see, i live in the big city, not in the countryside -- but some shrooms grow in the parks and lawns... and some you can find even in the yards. champinons, puffballs, and some nameless unidentified stuff, which is non-edible and very photo-genic. just today, riding my bike on the way to the office, found another very nice specie! had to stop and spent 5 mins on it ))))

Cool :) Make yourself some good mushroom dinner ;)

Awesome shots! I can almost smell the forest and the mushrooms from these photos.


I can almost smell the forest and the mushrooms from these photos.

Are you sure you didn't have some wrong – or right – mushrooms in your food? 👀

The things I pick are mine to pick so stop picking on me.

Mushroom mushroom mushroom mushroom bäääääääääädger bäääääääääädger!
or was it the other way...

Be careful of the ones with red and white spots 🤣🤣🤣

Or you might see pixies on skateboards with backpacks of dried fruit 😳🤡🤑

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Or you might see pixies on skateboards with backpacks of dried fruit 😳🤡🤑

Lol, I'd actually like to see that 😂

haha! they are very useful for the health, dont you know?

Estas imagenes son realmente facinantes, hojalá hubieras tomado mas perspectivas del hongo rojo, Saludos desde México.

Quieres mas fotos? Tal vez hago otra post en la futuro.

Hopefully I said it right :D

Such beautiful shots, I am a big fan of mushrooms, you should check out Mycelium Running if you don't already know it, one of my all time favourite books by Paul Stamets xx

Thank you, I'll write down the name of the book.

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I love mushroom picking. It looks like you found some great ones.

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Hi @celestal,

You remind me of my aunt who was a forager and a traveler. She hunted mushrooms no matter where she was and had them dried in jars. I had so much good food whenever I visited her. She said the same thing about finding them young and had places she would return to at certain times of the year.

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Sounds like your aunt was a nice person :)

Mushrooms apperars at rainy season in Indonesia. And some of types can be have for food as vegetables too. Thanks for sharing with us.

Mushrooms love water :)