COLD MORNING AT THE EDGE OF THE CITY (a short Fungi Friday overture)

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I just returned from the nearby city of Pula ... about 10 kilometers from where I live ...

IMG_6113 malo.jpg

... had to do some paperwork in some offices ... stuff that gets done much more quickly early in the morning, if you are amongst the first in line.

IMG_6109 malo.jpg

When this was over, on my way out of the city, I stopped shortly on the top of the hill in suburbia, a place with a nice view on many ordinary, but pretty cool things.

IMG_6112 malo.jpg

Some birds flew through the frame while I was shooting some distant buildings on another hill.

IMG_6117 malo.jpg

A man was on his way to somewhere.

IMG_6111 malo.jpg

The garbage truck was on its usual route.

IMG_6115 malo.jpg

After these few shots I made another, considerably longer stop a kilometer further, in the first woods, just outside the city ... and this little story will be published in the Fungi Lovers community later in the day ... when I organize the photographs, and when I finish some less digital stuff here around the house.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


The photos are beautiful. After all really amazing photography.

Thank you :)

What a stunning view, Beauty at its best… Excellent shots that you have taken.

Thanks :)

Great photos! I liked birds flying!

:) Thanks