One light above the head?

in #photography2 years ago

Since we did a photo shoot in a very small room yesterday i had to flip my octabox to a 30 cm beauty dish and the only logic way to put it was next to a model, since the smaller the light source, the softer the shadows the closer you put it to an object.

Model has brought a nice hat, and accessories always give ways to creativity. So i decided to make this mysterious shot by blocking the light that falls on models eyes by the very same hat.
Sony A7RII + Zeiss 55mm @ f/7.1 1/200 iso 200

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Do your subjects commission your photos for their own use or do you shoot for a company, an agency or something?

It's just a hobby, i find a model, sometimes on a website i have created, do a TFP photoshoot for fun and photos free for all to use :)

Ah ok, that's cool. I know another guy here on steem doing that, here in Adelaide actually. If you have talent why not use it? Well done.

The reason i love doing this.... otherwise i am pretty introvert, and this hobby lets me to meet new people i would not meet otherwise :)

And such interesting people to meet. You do a great job too. A win win.