Birds just wanna have fun (getting drunk)

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The winter is approaching and most birds are migrating to warmer countries. Flocks of birds can be seen flying south or when the whole flock stops to eat or rest. We have quite many rowan trees growing in city areas and they are perfect feeding spots for many species of birds. A large flock can eat all berries from a tree in a few hours, but it's also a perfect opportunity to see stunning amounts of birds at once.

Do you see the birds in photo below? Bohemian waxwing.
Tilhit  10.jpg

They often migrate when all rowanberries have been eaten.
I'm not amazed with the distance they can fly, but instead how they can eat rowanberries without choking on them. Just look at it. Even Sasha Grey would be jealous.


I'm not here to tell you about birds though. Or not that much. I'm telling you that birds can get drunk on the berries if the berries have fermented enough. You can see all kinds of erotic erratic behavior from birds that have filled themselves with fermented berries.

I was lucky to catch one of these stories with my camera - completely by accident.

Tilhit  12.jpg

We'll start with the photo above: the main hero isn't in focus though, but this one:


You see that little hero? That's the bird who's just trying to eat a single berry. Just one more. That'd be enough to make them happy. Doing a great job reaching towards the berry. Nothing can go wrong at this point.

Tilhit  13.jpg

Ohhh fuck no. How did the berry slip out of the mouth that bad? Goddamit.
Well luckily the birdo doesn't give up easily. The bird has determination, like sad Steem users who are holding grudges for years after they were the ones being pathetic assholes themselves.

Tilhit  14.jpg

There's plenty of berries in the tree, as they say.

Just grab a new one.

You got this.

Tilhit  15.jpg

And you did! You're awesome, birdo! Or should we call you birb? Maybe bird would be the best way to go, but we don't care, you're drunk.

Tilhit  16.jpg


I said you're drunk.

"WHAT? I'm not drunk!"

Yes you are, we all saw how you dropped the first berry.


Tilhit  17.jpg

Tilhit  18.jpg






I told you you're drunk.

"Yeah whatever"

I decided to let the poor drunken bird be alone. I continued taking photos of the waxwings, but after that show with the one dropping the berries, I'm quite sure this one was just bragging.

"Hell yeah we're not all clumsy bastards, look at this!"

Tilhit  19.jpg


How many berries does it take for a little bird to get drunk?
Asking for a friend.

Depends on the alcohol content of the berries and the weight of the bird.

I would say that approximately maybe.

I don't actually know, but would be an interesting info. They had started eating the berries before I arrived.

Ha. Drunk birds! Did you see any fall out of the tree? I wonder if they can fly straight after downing a dozen or so. It could be pretty fun to watch them try taking off drunk.

When I lived in southern Spain, there was a kind of berry called a madroño that fermented on the tree like that. They were actually pretty tasty, though.

Well none of them fell down from the tree though, but it would have been a real sight.

I had to google what madroño is, but based on the description it's also a perfect berry for the birds to eat. It'd be interesting to know if the birds specifically wait for the berries to be fermented so they can get drunk or if it's a lucky accident.

Go home bird! You're drunk (Oh! You're already home? Nevermind. Carry on! )

Even Sasha Grey would be jealous.

You are too funny! I really enjoyed this post!

Thank you, I'm flattered and I'll do my best trying to create enjoyable posts :)


So funny... the photographs are really great!

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I don’t know about you, but I think the most hip compliment is in this species of bird’s name.

“You see that guy over by the bar?”
“Yeah, he’s really hitting it off with Grace.”
“Yup, a real Bohemian waxwing.”
“I’ll say.”

And then the pics you snapped are crisp! You can almost feel the birds plucking berries, like a kid’s first day in the field!

That could actually be good!

I should test it when I have an perfect opportunity.

I could call my wife a red-breasted merganser. Hope she'll be happy.

And thanks, I'm glad the photos turned out well even though my lens is starting to die of old age.

Nice post. Upvoted and promoted. 👏

Well thank you for the kind words :)

Haha! Great post! I haven't seen them yet! :/...Very beautiful birds!

They are! I had thought they're sparrows, but I was surprised to see what they were.

Beautiful birds. Really annoying for photography, as they get scared so easily and they all fly away.

How long it took to take all these sequential pictures? Or How long it took the bird to become drunk?

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The sequential pictures of the bird dropping the berries was within 1 minute. I can't say how many seconds, but it was all quite fast. Probably something like 10 seconds, but not sure.

I don't know how fast the birds became drunk, as they had been eating the berries already before I arrived with my camera. It probably doesn't happen too fast, but when they're eating a lot of fermented berries. All the birds have to do is to find berries and eat them, so they have time.

Hahahahaha; You made my day!

Thanks, I'm trying my best :)

Wow...beautiful and brilliant click

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Thanks. Clicketi click.

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