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My new garden bed

Hello friends 🤗

I don’t know if others experience times like this but in recent weeks, I feel like I’ve been much more in touch with my higher-self with random ideas (solutions) that just enter my thoughts, seemingly from out of nowhere… what I mean to say - well, I find it hard to express these sorts of things so I like to use examples to explain my thoughts.

I’m guessing that everyone has those insignificant ‘issues’ and problem areas that always need solving around the house and garden. You look at them for months on end, wondering ‘what can I do?’ and you keep coming up blank.

This is where I started... with a view of my audience XD

Sometimes it’s a lack of inspiration, sometimes it’s purely a lack of motivation and sometimes it’s that annoying voice in the back of your mind that disregards ALL your ideas as a ‘total waste of time and energy’..!!!

But then sometimes, it’s like a light shines down from the heavens and not only fills you with ideas and answers but also charges you with the energy and motivation (courage?) needed to complete the task at hand.

Cotyledon Obiculata (?)

Yesterday was one of those days for me - I have an over-grown front yard that desperately needs cutting. And YES, I know this sounds like a really girly-excuse but I couldn’t undo (and change) the head attachment for my whipper-snipper (grass-trimmer), therefore, power tools were off the menu.

At first, I contemplated giving it all the once over with some hedge shears but that seemed '...a little crazy...' so, I did the next best thing and proceeded to dig up the lawn creating a new garden bed that will run along the front wall of the house. This will also provide some much-needed shade and a new space where I can plant more 'shade-loving' plants.

Sedum Rubrotinctum

To start with, I’ve just filled the area with lots of succulent cuttings from the garden, but as you can see, within a few hours I was able to stand back and with a sense of accomplishment, admire the first half of my new garden - solving a problem that I’d been staring at for months.

AND I’m still wondering where the ideas and energy came from.

Sempervivum 'Montana Red' (?)

There are lots of other things I’ve noticed over the weeks (and lots of new plans being made) that I won’t go into too much other than to say that I’ve also had trouble falling to sleep due to all the ‘random’ ideas that keep bouncing around in my thoughts.

All I can say is that over recent weeks, it feels like my mind is ‘firing on all pistons’, hopefully I can maintain the pace while the motivation is high.

I've even repurposed some old fence palings

As always, I will keep you updated on the garden's progress - while I also predict there will be 'many more photos to come'. 🤷‍♀

Until next time... xxx

Be safe and stay sane... ❤️❤️❤️


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I loved this gardening job. Succulents look really beautiful. Hopefully you continue to publish how your garden is growing. Greetings and blessings.

Me encantó este trabajo de jardinería. Las suculentas se ven realmente hermosas. Ojalá y sigas publicando como va creciendo tu jardín. Saludos y bendiciones.

Thank you so much, I'm very happy that you enjoyed my new garden... I have finished digging the 2nd space but still have the 3rd space to finish. Yesterday, a friend offered me some cuttings from their garden so I'm really excited to see how it will turn out in the end. Thank you again, for leaving such a lovely comment. xxx

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