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Hi Everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I went on a walk today and took some photographs to share with you.
I hope you will enjoy them. :)

The first picture I took today. I was so thrilled when I saw how it turned out! Lucky me!
From a different angle.
The underneath of the wings. What a beauty!
Such a gorgeous butterfly.
Even the body of this butterfly is so pretty.
So prestine.
Maybe it enjoyed the attention, because it let me take so many pictures!
A close up. :)
I love these small butterflies with the gold dust on their bodies and wings. So pretty. If you look closely you can see the pupils are looking right at the camera. I wonder what it is thinking.
From a slightly different angle.
I saw this bee and thought why not and snapped a photo. Pretty cute little bee.
Tattered wings, but still beautiful.
A pale version of those black butterflies I see everywhere.
Another white butterfly. A bit overexposed, but oh well. No one is perfect. :P
Look at this beauty! Aren't the wings beautiful?
Slightly different.
Butterfly acrobatics. :P
Another orange beauty.
And another beautiful white one!

I hope these photos helped to brighten your day.
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Thank you.

You're welcome :)

Beautiful pictures of butterfly. I love your pictures, friend. All are very interesting.

Thank you. Have a wonderful day! :)

The butterflies were certainly not scared of you :) What camera do you use? !trdo

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I don't understand what this is. Can someone explain, please?

Thanks, and thanks for reminding me to update my witness votes. I'm working on that now. :)
I use a Canon PowerShot Sx60 Hs. Best camera I have ever owned. Highly recommend this camera as a bridge camera.

No worries. Thanks for your support. Is that a DSLR? They are too confusing for me 😅

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No, you cannot change the lens, nor is it manual. It's point and shoot. A great every day camera. Easy to use.

Wow. Impressive bokeh effect! Thanks again.

Thanks! I try my best.

I can't wait to post my photography but yours one is definitely better! Really appreciated and each of them are awesome....
Keep posting....amazing...

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Thank you. If I miss your post by chance, tag me in a comment. I am looking forward to seeing your photography!

I've done something else;), will post the Dragonfly one tonight hopefully and the Butterfly one published! Have a good one...