Wood Creatures and Forrest Spirits - My Wednesdaywalk

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Hello lovely Steemians !


For this weeks #wednesdaywalk, initiated by @tattoodjay, I have this amazing root structure for you. It is the root system from a palm tree which is a beauty by itself, but I think of them to be far more interesting for all the beautiful details that I found on a second look ^^


In my opinion it looks a bit like a wooden forrest creature walking slowly on its countless tentacles over the ground. What do you think about it ?


I can see the small eye and the long snout with a little nose hole at its end. There is even a long tooth to find which looks really intimidating !


I finally have evidence of a forrest spirit @kaminchan as promissed, hehe ^^ .. they are two of them hidden very good here, hehe ;)

Happy Wednesday to you all !!

All pictures were taken by myself, @adalger, with a Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone.









If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

Learn more about @adalger here !

Best wishes,

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Thank you very much for the upvote. I really appreciate it ^^

Many would walk by seeing the whole tree and miss the cool details you spotted and shared with us

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Nice wood creatures and Forest spirits photography.

Hehe, Thank you !! ^^

The attentive eye sees what others pass unnoticed. Nice shots :-)

Thank you .. I was first drawn by those unusual roots, but the longer I looked at it, it became more magical .. it is soo amazing what mother nature is creating all over the world ! .. as a nature scientists I already spotted soo many more amazing things even down at molecular level that still fascinate me until today ^^ .. I really wonder how they grew in that fashion .. Nethertheless my fantasy and imagination power is still present, which I am so happy about ^^

I also have my fantasies. Some stumps or trees give 'eyes' and then their 'hidden face' stands out :-)


Thats a great one !! .. I definitly have to get some #googlyeyes and keep them always with me ^^

Be sure to get some #googlyeyes. Once you use them, you're looking for another one :-)

Hey @adalger, here is a little bit of BEER from @bucipuci for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @adalger, here is a little bit of BEER from @bucipuci for you. Enjoy it!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Adalger, its amazing post! and a great walk! very short one.... but still amazing. These palm-root-structures are so cool and so rich!!

NB. you should use some decent #googlyeyes on these... I predict the amazing results!


Hehe, this #googlyeyes project is there on my list for already soo long and I constantly miss it out .. I will have to make it my New Year's resolution ^^

I put it to long box, too. cause my very decent posts were ignored by the voting audience... i decided not to post any googlyeses... at least till the dust will settle down :/

Hehe, the time will come again ^^ .. I finally got two self made ones here ;) .. a great last week of the year and relaxed christmas time to you all !!

Wow! You spotted them in petrified form. I could see at least three of them!!
Good thing,you were not these at night! They would come out dancing!!

Oh my .. how many could there be still hidden !! .. I will definitly check it again in the future to see if they have been moving ;) .. I know it may be risky, but seeing them dancing around must be a fascinating view ^^

These are magnicent @adalger. The tree /wood spirits are making themselves known to those who look close enough. I’ve taken a few photos of them.

Hehe .. I hope we get to see them once all together ^^ .. we ca make a nature spirit special for new years eve, hehe ;)

WE could each post a ‘NatureSpiritSpecial’ on New Years Eve. I’ll do it. Or you could start a contest.

Hey there @redheadpei !! .. your proposal is accepted .. the idea of a #NatureSpiritSpecial# is really cool .. I also think that @kaminchan would love such a special ^^

Sounds good, @adalger. I will do a post at New Year’s Eve with the tag #NatureSpiritSpecial. The more the merrier!

Okay! A new tag! That’s very interesting.
Waiting for the new tag in the near future.

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