Cycling Around Tanuki Lake

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Lake Tanuki is in Shizuoka, Japan. The region and the lake are most famous for Mt. Fuji. The lake is on the southwest side which is most famous for a large forest.


This lake isn't very big, but what it lacks for in size, it makes up for in its beauty. Actually, it isn't a natural lake at all, it is a reservoir. It used to be a marshy swamp. You can read more lake facts here:


This isn't the most famous of the Fuji lakes. It isn't even one of the five famous lakes. It also isn't Hakone which has ultra premium hotels and ferries.


Tanuki is just a quaint small lake. It means a lot of people miss out. It is also the most difficult to get to from Tokyo which also means it is peaceful.

The campground is too open for my liking but it's like a garden with butterflies everywhere.

One thing you can do here is camping. Personally I would try to go May or September because it is hot in summer. This lake isn't an alpine lake, but it is fed from cold rivers so it is chilly.

I imagine this is what the lake looked like before the dam. There were some big fish under those trees, but no one was fishing there.

I don't think you can swim here. Reservoirs tend to be dirty unless they are huge like the ones behind mega dams. However you can cycle around the lake which is exactly what I did.

This isn't the main inlet river, but I liked looking at the water go down. It was cold!

At 3.3 kilometers, you can easily go around the lake on a bike during an hour long rental. I stopped for a ton of photos, never rode fast and even went into the camp shop for a look around and to grab some water.

The forested side of the lake was my favorite.

Often when I am on vacation I avoid going to just the must see places. I prefer to find local treasures as well and avoid the crowds or do what the locals and people who aren't afraid of the odd fail or have a lot of time do.


Actually, if you get extremely lucky you can end up with a priceless photograph. They are best taken at the end of the lake with the hotel.

This postcard perfect photo isn't mine. You rarely get a veiw of the mountain like this except during winter. The diamond reflection is what makes the lake famous. source

I never actually saw all of fujisan looking anything like a photograph. It was just cloudy. I did get a better look at it, but thats for later. I like nature and nature hates people. I did see something cool.

IThis guy was sleeping but I imagine he is 2m long. He was on the opposite side from the campground, but I wouldn't want him under my tent in the morning even though he looks harmless

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Beautiful, I would love to visit Japan one day, so appreciate being able to experience it via your blog post like this. Mt Fuji will be a high point in anyone's travel journal.

Mt. Fuji is a cool place to visit. It is one of the more famous mountains in the world.

Many thanks, it will be on the bucket list.

beautiful contribution and great pictures :)


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What a beautiful spot! Gorgeous photos. I was amazed, in my short stay in Japan - nearly 20 years ago, now, that I could see fujisan (just) from my hotel room in Chiba. A country I'd love to have the opportunity to go back to and explore.

Yeah, I keep going back there. I usually go for my short trips because it's a 90 minute to 120-minute flight for me. I've never been to Chiba, but I've been close. Apparently, you can see Fuji from some parts of Tokyo on the clearest days.

In your shoes, I'd be doing that, too. I don't think that Chiba's anything to write home about: very large convention centre (where I spent most of my time) and a sports stadium as well as being quite a large (seemed to me) industrial area. As I remember that was where some of the major damage in the tsunami happened.

Oh wow, what a... a gem of a place * ___ * I love such places that are a bit hard to get to because I get the feeling as if they belong to only those that really make the effort to get to those places.... :)

Man, that is a LONG snake! Kinda cool, kinda freaky :)

I suppose you didn't actually see/meet a tanuki at Tanuki Lake XD

That forest with the rows and rows of straight trees GORGEOUS <3 aaaah~

It's one of those places I feel almost anyone would be happy to spend a few hours relaxing at. I do like the hustle bustle of big crowded cities especially at night and the amazing looking temples, but I've seen so many now.

This place was such a contrast to the crowded tourist places. I imagine if I went on one of the longer trails I would see more animals. No tanuki this time, but I've seen them loads of times in Korea when cycling along the river in the mornings and evenings.

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Oh! It doesn't get any more summer than that with the bike leaning up against the real looking out over the beauty of the reservoir. In my book, it doesn't have to be famous to be beautiful or to be fun. In actuality I seek Out The Road Less Traveled or the place less visited. I think people miss out when they skip over these places.

Just as I scroll through the pictures I feel like a blanket of Tranquility has covered it and there is peace all around. I am with you on the camping being too open for my liking but many people don't mind. I like to be in the shadow of a few trees and have a little bit of woods around me. I'm not a huge fan of going into lakes that have big fish in them. Just thought of it and how it can touch my legs while I'm there freaks me out. And yeah I'll go into the ocean every single day. LOL

The picture with the path going down the middle of the trees is absolutely beautiful and the Sun on the bark of the trees is stunning. There is nothing quite like the right light. You have captured it so exquisitely. I do like the forest of trees all in a row, and obvious planned neighborhood. But again, it looks so very cool.

That would be an incredible feat to get the picture perfect diamond reflection! I will have to remember that winter is the best time to get it. And that would be a no thank you for finding a snake under my tent or around my feet or any place it doesn't belong. Oh wait. I'm the one who doesn't belong in his territory. I want to thank you for taking us cycling around the lake. It was beautiful oh, it was so very photogenic and it totally made my morning. So thank you for that and as always I wish you a most wonderful day.

Upped and steemed


Thanks so much for your insightful comment.
I agree swimming in lakes is scarier than the ocean. Although it is rather freaky jumping into the middle of the ocean which I've done while diving a few times.
Generally anywhere with a rainy season or hurricane season (Japan has both) is best avoided during that time. I got lucky and didn't get much rain this time, but you can't see the mountains in anycase. I've actually been to Jeju island which is in Korea several times and only seen that mountain once when I went in late spring. It's pretty random, but I think there are better seasons for viewing.
People tend to think of forests as natural, but the majority of them have been replanted. It means the forresters are good and planting large seedlings when you see them all in rows like this. It allows the most trees for the smallestspace I guess. It also looks very neat.

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I agree, I like the path less taken by others. Thank you so much for sharing! I also enjoyed the pic of the river path flowing thru.. Absolutely stunning! Its difficult to pick a favorite pic

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Thanks, Yeah that river path was neat, I couldn't resist the urge to put my hands in the and splash a little.

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Wow, you got some great shots! That inlet river that first looks like a path or road is wicked cool (and I'm not just talking about the water temp), and those trees are amazing! That snake capture was the cherry on top - looks like an awesome place to visit, and I appreciate that you brought us along. Also...

camera street scenes in lens congrats.gif

Yeah, that river was really neat, I think it was at least 45-degree slope, so more like a log flume or something. It would be extremely dangerous to slide down because it ends in a grated culvert going under the road which would not be a happy ending.
I really enjoyed that ride, I was shocked how much I saw in 3.3km.

Yikes, yeah - that would definitely be an abrupt and not at all fun ending to going down it. And I really enjoyed your ride too - especially since I didn't have to pedal. 😊

Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! What a wonderful lake and area, I love the fact that it isn't the most popular and packed with people too, really good photos sir and I can't think of a better place to ride a bike!

It was really nice. My favorite part was how everyone just minded their own business and happily moved off the bike path when they noticed us approaching. Everyone was so relaxed and happy.

Howdy today sir abitcoinskeptic! That brings up another question: are the people in Japan more polite and nicer, generally speaking, than in America? I know they are more respectful towards the older generations.

I find the people in Japan to be quite polite. In general, I've found they are the most polite people in the world even when you offend them or disrespect them. They are still polite when they are angry which may make it difficult for non-Japanese people to notice when crossing a line.
However, there are definitely rude people everywhere I've been Japan included.

Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! Oh, I would be afraid of offending sit easy to do? Do they have alot of social rules? Do you still have to take off your shoes when you go to a private owner's house?

They have many social rules. Foreigners aren't expected to follow most, however the shoe thing is important to follow. I've noticed this in all East Asian countries.

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How do you know the rules when you first get there, did you have friends that told you how to act?

Usually if you are invited to someone's house theybwill explain. People don't really have house partys in Asia. But yeah, when I first moved out here there were definitely some awkward moments and mistakes. Most people just laugh it off if it is not malicious.

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I really liked the landscape. Composition of your pictures are simply perfect.

Thank you!

It looks like a beautiful place for a bike ride! I hope to be able to visit Japan and climb Mt. Fuji someday. It looks incredible!

Mt. Fuji is quite the climb. Climbing it is my next blog and today blog. Spectacular!

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Hahaha, "nature hates people" I like that my friend and it's simply because people refuse to abide by the lessons of nature.

Some beautiful shots here and the peace in the place is tangible.

Thanks. Agreed about nature and people. We have destoryed a lot. It is amazingbwe have some left. The weirdest thing is this entire lake only exists because of a dam.

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These are some amazing pictures! The forest and mountain scenery is right up my street! But that snake can politely get the hell out of my way haha

I almost rode past that snake without noticing it. He was curled up in the rocks munding his own business.

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This is beautiful. There's a lake in Hanoi known as Hoan Kiem Lake but it's no where as serene and peaceful as what you have here.

Many of the most beautiful lakes are so overwhelmed by tourists or development, they are ruined.

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I absolutely agree with you

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Ok done! =)

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Wow! Great photos! All of them!

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Looks like a lovely lake and park. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

Amazing location and scenery! I must add that to my bucket list.

It's bucket list worthy!

Ok you had me at the bike hahah no I love to go to Japan for me the other side of the world and seeing these pictures wow thanks

Yeah, it's quite out of the way for most people living in the west. However, worth it if you are in the neighborhood.

Or when you have a wish list for when the kids leave home and you can travel far

Everything looked lovely until I saw that snake...eeeks! I couldn’t tent there knowing that critter or others like him were around.

Snakes don't bother me too much, but I guess I wouldn't want to wake up next to the guy.

It seems worth the trip from Tokyo just to get a view of the mountain, and the possibility of getting lucky enough to get a shot like the one in your post. Very beautiful!

Yeah, it's quite close to tokyo. I'm sure people head to this area a lot just to get out of the city since it's like a 2 hour train ride.

Finding a quiet place to enjoy cycling through forested area seeing water makes for such a peaceful setting, far away from the crowds, the further the better @abitcoinskeptic

I agree. I live next to a huge city and work in it and I like peace and quite when I can get it.

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too much beauty really, I love these places, project peace and harmony, and are the perfect places to escape the stress of the city, I love a bike ride through a reservoir near my village, the view is not so beautiful but helps me a lot to clear my mind!

Thanks. I also like riding my bike anywhere. I don't have scenery this good near my current house, but I used to have a great place not so far away. As long as it is safe and smooth I'm happy.

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What a beautiful place to ride a bike or hike @abitcoinskeptic, fabulous photos! 💕

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I wish the sky was clear, but it did rain later that day.

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That looks really amazing, and I wouldn't want a snake under my tent either

The small ones don't bother me too much, but yeah that guy is a little big.

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Looks like an awesome ride!

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It sure was.

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These photos are so beautiful! Well done!


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Stunning photos! I love the forest view too, very soothing for the eyes and heart. Nice work. Thank you.

Thanks for your lovely comment.

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What an amazing little place @abitcoinskeptic. I love these little finds. I find them more enjoyable than a famous one.

Looks like a great place for weekend getaway (if you're on that side of the world)

Indeed! I find the best places are too busy, so let's go with second or third best.

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The lake just looks beautiful, and you took some great photos. I am not so sure that the snake is harmless!! I would rather just stay away from it!!

Thanks. Animals are more afraid of people and should be given how many people kill animals. That snake looks like he would give a nasty bite in self defense. He may even have poison, I am not sure.

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What a wonderful place to tour around! Lucky you!


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This is a beautiful lake, and the photo of the mountain with its reflection on the water is stunning.

I wish I was able to see the view in the photo. I just see gray clouds.

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Gorgeous photos and what a lovely place to explore. I love the out of the way places as well. You can take your time and enjoy the wonders when you're not buffeted this way and that by throngs of people rushing to buy souvenirs and eat ice cream.

Thanks. Actually, I did have an ice-cream while I was there, but everyone in the area was really laid-back compared to most places I've visited in Japan.

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I love going outdoors. Somehow, it feels meditative to me. Thank you for the wonderful pictures!


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Will do, thanks for the info.

Did you see any tanukis? (besides the lake :P)

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Not this time! But I've seen thembin other places.

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