Stormy Weather [ Older Photo]

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This is an older photo of the stormy conditions that I would capture. We hardly got storms since they weaken when they reach my area and it just happens for like 10 minutes. Storms don't happen in my area like they used to. That doesn't mean other places don't get hit. Where I used to live does get hit tho most of the time.

This is MY content. It's just an older photo. I will hunt you down if you report me to steem cleaners.

To give you a back story on this. One day. I posted a few of my photos and shared my YT content. I guess someone thinks I am posting stolen content and reported me to Steem Cleaners, even though I stated that the content is mine. I guess some people can't read.
Steam cleaners spammed a few of my posts. I didn't see their comments right away. They thought to keep spamming until I saw it I guess. And they spammed on my Tweet trying to see if this is my content. That caused me anxiety being accused of stealing content so I try to make it loud and clear that this is my content since 'this is a video I did' or 'I took this photo for X' wasn't obvious to the person who reported me that it's my content. Why would SC out of the blue come at me but not other bloggers? That's why I am under the impression someone reported me to them.

Just because I forgot 'this X is mine' does not give you the green card to report me to Steem Cleaners or Cheetah. Stop being childish. What ever I did to you, talk it out with me like a mature person.

Also throughout the month of October, uploads on my gaming channel will go to once a week, Vlog channel every other week, D.Tube, my blog, once a week and Verond every other week since I plan on going out of town.

I also want a little break to prep for the trip.