Love, Joy Overflow 😍 😍 😍

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The best thing in life is to experience love and live with happiness. It is never possible to get love from everybody but apart from the love you have for yourself, you can get love in return from a faithful heart that will never fail you.

When talking about love, the feeling cures all hurt, all heartbrraks and produce a smile unto the face saying you are fulfilled and blessed.

Having a moody life only shortens live but finding and having a heart that loves you for who you are keeps you happy for life.

Today i bring to you my love, my joy giver, my second mummy, my heartbeat, my one in a million, my everlasting sacrosanct damsel which can never be replaced. My found love, you are a blessing that i want to and will forever have.....

I love this lady you see here....

😍 😍 😍
What do you feel for those you love?

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