The beauty of stability 3/7


Tomorrow we are moving. Ί have lived in more than a dozen places which I have called home so moving is not something that makes me uncomfortable. Each and every time I put all my energy and my good will to make the new place feel more homey and more intimate than the last one. And I will probably do the same for the next one. But all that goes for the real world. What about our virtual homes?


When it comes to social media I am practically illiterate. I never had or even wished to have any of all those popular social media accounts that even a child can easily master. No facebook, no instagram, no twitter, nothing. When I come here, 2 years ago, blogging was just a word that I could hardly relate to myself.

Steem was my first online home and I'll never forget it. I learned so much here and it literally changed my life. I come as an ex-photographer that hadn't touch his camera for years and I am now creating new images with the joy I had as a teenager when I bought my first analog SLR.


I am telling you all this just to emphasis on the fact that leaving this place is a decision that I didn't take lighthearted. I love this place but after the recent take-over it just doesn't feel home anymore.


Of course I could use my new hive account and cross-post everything here and even earn double rewards. But that's not me. I need a home to express myself and share my pictures and not become a digital salesman trying to "sell" my content in various platforms. I am not judging those that do so, I am just saying that it doesn't serve me.


Will hive be the home I need?

Maybe yes, maybe not but I am willing to give it a try and support it with my time and efforts.

Will hive be the decentralized paradise that many people here are hoping for?

Probably not. But it has the potential to be better than what he have now and most likely it would be a far more appealing place.



So as for tomorrow I will be posting on hive, probably cross-posting here for a few days and checking things around here till my power down is completed and figure out what to do with my steem if they have any value by that time. I guess I'll make a farewell post too, although I said most of what I wanted to say in this one.

Now why I will keep posting here even for a few days since I so vividly declared that I don't want to be on two platforms and what's with all that doors?
Well the answer to both questions is one. My personal challenge that I started a couple of days ago and I hate to break just because the world is falling apart :)


The concept of my challenge is to do, on this completely unstable and unclear scenery a stability exercise. To take for 7 days at least one new photograph and share it here! It doesn't have to be the best photo I have ever taken, it doesn't even has to be very good. It just has to be, every day, with consistency. The beauty of stability!
You can find the links of the previous days at the end of the post if you want to check them out.



Thank you for reading, stay calm, stay healthy and if the system doesn't crash I'll see you tomorrow, here on in hive!



All the pictures and the words are mine.

If you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

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Yay, see you on Hive. Also I like the doors and the consistency.


Yay, see you on Hive.
Also I like the doors and
The consistency.

                 - sjarvie5

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