The beauty of stability 2/7

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It looks like this personal challenge will be the bridge for the "steem to hive" transition. Interesting times to seek for stability, isn't it?

What about you, are you moving, or what?

Anyway today I was out at the farm working all day and I didn't had any time for photography so I just took a few shots of the village's spring on the afternoon when I went to fill my bottles with fresh water.
They turned out a little more moody than expected but I am quite happy with them.

This is also my contribution to the 12th Photo 52, 2020 Challenge and the theme is 50mm.





The beauty of stability 1/7

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Having bottles filled with fresh spring water sounds divine. The water here is so chlorinated... 😵

I feel bad that I haven't really been participating in #photo52 -- I really did intend on doing this every week. 😅 Topic: 50mm... this might just force me to get back into it!

What about you, are you moving, or what?

I'm moving! 😀

Oh yes, the spring water is a huge advantage of this village!
It's never too late to join! After all 52 are a lot of weeks :)
Great that you are moving, if we all do, hive can become an amazing place. See you there!

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