City of Lights

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Every autumn my city host a long weekend event called the City of Lights, where gorgeous, fun and creative light installations are put up to brighten up the dark Nordic autumn days. There are usually quite a few different spots with really cool installations, both from national and international creators, with sculptures that are shipped around the world to be shown.

This year the event was for my knowledge cancelled, but today someone let me know that it is in fact up again, just later in the year than usually. So of course I had to go and see all the lights, I was so excited cause they are usually very creative and people are so in awe looking at them, both children and adults.

I was really quite disappointed to find out that the light installations did not compare well to the previous years. Everything looked pretty much like your basic Christmas lights and I think all of the installations had been seen on previous years. Such a bummer!

For reference, check out this post I made about the event in 2017. So much cooler right!?

Even when I had higher hopes, I do still like the lights and it was nice strolling through the city and have a mug of hot chocolate at the pub by the park where most of the installations were.






At night: Ooo shiny!
During the day: What the hell is all this plastic shit doing here.

Luckily we have no more than 6 hours of daylight at the moment, and diminishing every day 🙃🙃🙃

Yes. Us northern folk are so lucky.