Tree Tuesday - California Sunsets #146

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Here is my entries for #treetuesday
hosted by the one and only @old-guy-photos.

Palm #treetuesday photos from
August 16th and August 17th
from Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

Friday August 16th Venice Beach

Saturday August 17th Santa Monica

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Very lovely shots..

Thank you my friend!

You are welcome

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The first one looks evil... so not LA. Is that down by Waterfront in VB? I recognize the trees.

Thanks meng... it was crazy and very evil looking. Yes was right in front of the Waterfront, which i was just there.

Ya man... looks like an invasion, like pacific rim!!!

Very good photography @armentor, it feels like I am there along with the palm trees being caressed by the ocean breeze :D

Thank you my friend. Well said :)

The state of the atmosphere is clearly dark and angry, hovering over the tiny piece of beauty before it disappears.

And just like that, the storm is gone.

Oh, what a difference a day makes, no?


It was something so unseasonable, like you said... dark and angry.... fortunately no storms!

Oh wow! I really like that photo of the brooding skies! So intense.

It was not typical to say the least.

I love the mood and drama in the first shot that is so cool

Ya man... definitely not a summer cali sunset.

true enough but still makes for a powerful shot

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Congrats Armentor!

Wonderful photos. At first, something terrible is approaching .
What a wonderful shot!

Thank you for your skill, dear @armentor !

Thank you!

Fantastic silhouettes of the trees against that dramatic sky. Nicely done!

Thank you :)

Great entry in that one beautiful shot you shared !

Thank you :)

You really are a cute lot of cute photography