New Years Day Golden Hour - California Sunsets #158

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“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”
~ Richie Norton ~

1st Gholden Hour of 2020
from Santa Monica, California





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Oh boy... is that still from the Planet Earth? :D Incredible series. Cheers to the Californian sunsets!

Right! Its almost Mars-like. The look on some of the faces watching this develop was quite entertaining.

Haha, I can imagine :) Mars Attacks! :D

Can't get enough of your stuff!!! -)

A different form of eye-candy!

Dude... did you see the IG pic from mueler that looks exactly like the top one above and from the same location?

That shot with da birds is surreal. Looks like Mars is crashing into Earth!

Thanks brotha... just like they noted above, not from this world!

Dude, you gotta post the ones from the day after which were crazy and tonights was sick, but I think you were out of town.

Yes I will likely post that this sunday, although it just rained and now the clouds are forming nicely, thus it may be an epic sunset tonight!

How was it? It kinda flamed out up here, although we had a rainbow :)

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What a way to start the year, beautiful!

So True! Actually the past few days have been surreal.

Great shots! I like that top one with the boat, just perfect!

Thank! You always have a soft spot for anytime there's a boat in the picture ;)

Yes, Sir. Guilty as charged. I love boats, big and small, and water, and sunsets etc LOL. Hey, happy 2020 to ya as well.

Wow! These are all stunning!

Thank you!

the clouds formation around wow that was so magical to experience :)

Thank you :)

Beautiful painted skies

Thank you!

Thanks for the proof that every article may or may not earn any money, regardless of its content <3

Edit: editing the post is mean though :-P
Makes me look stupid.

Nice photographs though :)

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