Feathered Friday ~ California Sunsets #147

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“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down."
~ Toni Morrison ~

Here are my entries for #featheredfriday
hosted by @melinda010100.

A flock of miniature Pterodactyls
or as others refer to them -- Brown Pelicans

Photos taken on August 18, 2019
from Ocean Park, Santa Monica



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Attack of the midget Pterodactyls!!! I never see that many... usually a set of 4 or 5.... must be going to a party :)

You are right on! I never seen so many of them... this was like an invasion, Jurassic park like!

I don't think I'v ever seen more than like a half dozen of them... must be they were heading to Burning Man!!!

Everyone from LA went to BM except us! Every bar and restaurant is empty here... just tourist.. ugg.

Haha... I can't wait until AfterBurn in VB.... we are going again, right?

Our favorite birds to watch in the Caribbean. So beautiful and majestic. Wonderful photos my friend. Cheers from the Czech Republic! :)

They are so cool... a glimpse of Jurassic park!

It's just amazing! I love these pictures ❤ Great!

Thank you!

Greetings @armentor,

What lovely picturesque splendid photographs you have presented here.

The quote applies itself easily to the photographs and sets the reader to thinking.

All the best. ^__^


Thank you for your kind words @bleujay, especially from one that reminds us of so many important principals.

Both of these are fantastic shots. Such an incredible sky and a great quote,too. Thanks for posting to #featheredfriday!

Thank you... I rarely see so many as they typically fly in flocks of 4 or 5 floating over the waves.

Absolutely stunning sky, I like how the birds look like in front of that evening sunset sky :)

It was something I haven't seem and as you know, I'm always watching sunsets.... just the number of them was a surprise.

I can see they are not like out geese. Are they pelicans of some sort?

Yes.. Brown California Pelicans.

Those diagonal birds flying.. just awesome!

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Thanks man!

Lovely shots! Birds and sunsets go so well together!

Thanks man! Got lucky with such a large flock ... I never see so many together like that.

both shots are quite delightful;

Thanks man!

Most welcome

Great photography my dear friend

Thank you my friend!

wow something special about that place is sunsets

Thank you :)

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Thank you!


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Congratulations @armentor, Keep up the great work!

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Thank you!

You are right about that write up. If we want fly, we must do away with whatever that may pull us down

Thank you!