California Sunsets #152 ~ Goldenhour

in photocircle •  8 months ago 

"Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to
appreciate all the great things the sun gives us!"
~ Mehmet Murat ildan ~

Photos from October 10th, Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California




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Quick surreal brotha! I recall those from a few weeks back... Last nights was chilling!

This sunset was surreal... one sick one.... Good times last night.

Crazy, like cotten candy! The one from last night was insane.... you should post that one last as it is one a year capture!

I love the pinkish tone of the sky. Enchanting shots. Good to see you posting regularly again @armentor :) Cheers to your Golden Hour series!

Thanks Meng... yes that "purple haze" was quick trippy! Cheers!

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Thank you for your Support!!!

Very cool!


Thanks you :)

pretty nice as usual especially the last pic


Thanks mang... ya that last one sums it up

Oh, I do so love the cotton candy littering the skies. I have missed my regularly scheduled beauty of the evening.

So glad to see you back!

Have a most fabulous day!


Yum... cotton candy! Thank you as always for your kind words!

very nice photography my dear friend

Thanks my friend!

  ·  8 months ago Reveal Comment

Thank you for your support!

Congrats armentor!

Thanks meng... I wish this curator would get more recognition.

Some magical shots to look at wow that was so good

Thank you as always :)