California Sunsets #149 - Santa Monica Pier

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"Find a part of yourself hidden in the twilight.”
~ Fennel Hudson ~

Photos of the Santa Monica Pier on
August 29th from Santa Monica, California



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Dude! why didn't you invite me to the pier concert! Looks amazing... how was the crowd?

Because you live 30 miles away! Need to move closer. Another concert this Wednesday.

Fckn trolls micro upvoting leaching off of those who invested.

They wont get to share our upvotes... I'll let them waste um!

Dude... no posts in over a week? You'r IG photos are amazing, You get married or something? Yalla!

Minnow Trolls

You have to love the first one because of the brilliance of the color, the setting sun is like there is a fire in the sky, or as they used to say it is the orange o every winter's hearth.

As for the last one, there is no denying that I would be right there, taming the Ferris wheel, while the vast emptiness can hear peels of laughter. Such a fun sight you have captured! I hope you got to go!!! :)

Have a great evening and keep those photos coming!!! Steemin on!


It has been magical at sunset here recently... a combination of the unusual humidity (its usually dry) and heat. I'm not complaining, always enjoying!

Oh, yes!!! Nothing to complain about with all that beauty!!!! :)

I love that surreal afterglow on the top one!

It was really cool... great time of year.

both such gorgeous shots Love them both

It was one of those summer nights. Thanks men!

Most welcome,I hope your weekend is going well

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Thank you!

Congrats armentor!

My pleasure!

great photography my dear friend @armentor
great work !

Thank you my friend!

Perfectly balanced shots so nice to see those

Thank you:)

Will one dat love to visit califonia

Thank you!

Wow. I admire this picture

Thank you!

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Congrats armentor!

Thank brotha!

Where did you go? You haven't sent us any beauty for days and days... Well, at least twelve of them.