California Sunsets #145 ~ Goldenhour

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"Keep looking up! I learn from the past,
dream about the future and look up. There's nothing
like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day. "
~ Rachel Boston ~

Photos of Ocean Park Beach taken
tonight on August 18th from Santa Monica, California



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An Eyecatcher!

Thanks meng!

The lamp shot is awesome... and the transition of the sky is sick!

Thank you my brotha... it was kinda so not SM, isn't it?

Its more like Santa Monica! you need to crop out the volleyball nets (O

Nice play with light(s) in the first pic! Very creative :)

Thanks.. its almost like not Southern California Sunset! Except for the volleyball nets (;

We had a golden hour after a storm that lasted for ever! It was so intense and so strange. Sadly I was driving, but I am still happy I got to experience it.

Haha! It always seems to be like that.... and trying to take a picture through the windshield driving never seems like a good idea.

Such beautiful shots the firs tone is so cool with natural and manmade lights

Thanks man! It was so not typical of a Cali Sunset....

the not so typical makes it special :)

great photography and amazing place

Thank you my friend.

Golden hour simply made more fantastic and stunning :D

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Thank you!

Congrats armentor!

This is awesome armentor!