California Sunsets #144 ~ Goldenhour

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"O, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”
~ Roman Payne ~

Photos of Ocean Park Beach
taken on August 7th from Santa Monica, California




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Amazing shots bro.. especially catching the seagul and sailboat and the sun! You are getting good :)

Thank you meng! I always get lucky with timing... now how do I use that skill with the birdies???

That be the question for many a decade!!!! Dude.. you are notorious for bad timing when it comes to birdies!!!!

Oh, even the gull is getting in on riding the waves in.

A purely magical experience, the color lighting up the sky. I love how the colors move along the scale of ho-hum to vibrant all in a flash or three.

We will just say that your sunsets are the color or sublime.


It is so true... just how they float over the water...

I am always a fan of seeing the sailboats!

I know you love anything that floats!

So calming and soothing seeing these beautiful images

I was one of those evenings... a much needed one....


Pure golden beauty!

Thank you as always!!!

And always a pleasure to see your golden photos!

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Thank you!

Congrats Armentor!

Always a pleasure!

great photography and very nice place my dear @armentor

Thank you much!

Most beautiful shots from the golden hour to view wow that's really spectacular

Thank you :)