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RE: PhotoChain Challenge: 8th Edition Start - 7th Edition's Winners

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My personal subject is green


Very speedy entry. Welcome in the 8th edition 🙂

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This is a great contest! I resteemed and hope you get many more entries this round!

Thank you, I hope. This week there will be the Block, see you soon :)

Sent you 10,000 geek tokens to use in your contest.

Many thanks Melinda. I'll add it for the next editions

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The coin doesn't have any value, but who knows what the future will bring!

Oh right :)

Melinda, thank you very much for your support with this contest!.. I look at it like a very very very fun challenge, and I wondering am I the only one? where is the crowd wishing to take part in this fun? I really have no idea... where are all the folks... no, really?...

I could suggest a change to Steem for the prize and stating in the title of the post 'Win Steem' . It can be switched back to sbi after there are more participants. The title may be confusing and appear to be a winners announcement post rather than a place to enter a contest. Make the rules clear and simple. I will donate a couple of Steem next week if @davidesimoncini wants to give that a try.

hmm.. we all love steem, thats true, but did SBI contest become so unpopular now?.. I have no experience of contests and steemian folks, cant say what works and what do not...

Posts with Sbi votes are being downvoted heavily by a group of accounts controlled by a whale that does not like sbi for some reason right now.

I saw this, I received some downvotes and I saied my opinion directly in a post of the downvoter. I don't know, I hope this situation Will evolve in a better something.

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