Photo Chain Challenge Key Subject - Bird/Landscape

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This is my entry to the 16th Edition of the PhotoChain challenge. The PhotoChain Challenge is a really great blockchain-like photography contest.

Photo Chain Challenge by @davidesimoncini

Photo Chain Challenge

The KEY-SUBJECTS for this week are:



My key word is FLYING

I took this photo years ago at the Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, USA. I had never seen so many Sandhill Cranes in one place. This is one of my favorite photos and it holds many wonderful memories for me. It was the first photo that came to mind when I saw the prompts from last week's winners @nelinoeva and @isabelpena

And if you have bird photos and want to use the #FeatheredFriends tag, check out this wonderfully supportive contest from @barbara-orenya

Feathered Friends Contest


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Show Me A Shadow-2 year anniversary

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Beautiful shot my dear @melinda010100

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I don't see your photo in the contest post @melinda010100. Could it be that you forgot to share it?

I always seem to forget that! And I appreciate the reminder!

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Nice capture! Even the birds go back to their nests just like us humans! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks! They are amazing

Beautiful photo! And thanks for you post found this new contest... and the theme is perfect! Good luck!

It is a really wonderful contest and I hope there are many entries this week! I'll look forward to seeing yours.

Great shot! Fantastic capture of the cranes. The background looks like a painting.

Thanks! It is a beautiful place!

Lovely photo Melinda. 😀
I am on my way to check the contest from @barbara-orenya.

Thanks! Isn't that a generous gesture? I love the badge.

It is fantastic gesture and I love the badge too. It is perfect.

It is fantastic
Gesture and I love the badge
Too. It is perfect.

                 - nelinoeva

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

That is a stunning photo with the mountains in the back! Reminds me of our beautiful Drakensberg mountain range!

Thank you so much! I really loved visiting the southwestern part of the US. It is beautiful there.

These are majestuous birds when you take them on flight..! great shot Lady Mel 😊

Thanks! They take my breath away!

Love the photograph speaks louder than words with silhouette photography!

Freedom of flying under ones own power, how jealous I am of birds.


Thanks! 😍 It is a pretty marvelous superpower!

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That's such a fantastic shot Melinda, wow! I really like that image for the Featheredfriends community too. lol.

Thanks! I love @barbara-orenyas fantastic artwork so much!

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