New birds on the balcony!

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Happy Sunday everybody! It was a beautiful, sunny and truly sublime day today, I am on vacations and all is good :)

For now I am spending some days in Athens but no city pictures today! Actually what I have for you looks more like goofing around than an actual shooting, but it was so fun!

The excuse is the second part of the Steem Photo 52 Challenge Contest, 2020 Edition and this week's theme which is "Something New."

So this morning I took a new ornament, one of those that tend to enter our homes every holiday season, and took some shots of it on the balcony! It is not something special, just a string with beads and some funny-looking handmade cloth-birds but I really liked them as I was looking them closely through my lens! I think the abundant Greek sun helped a lot, too!

And using the white curtain as a background wasn't a bad idea either. Some pretty cool shadows, don't you think so?












Many thanks to @c0ff33a for his #SublimeSunday and @ace108 for his #beautifulsunday initiatives!

All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

Commenting, upvoting and resteeming are highly appreciated!

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I like it, it's a good idea.

Thank you for stopping by @erikah :)

My pleasure.

So colourful they are. I think they would been there for Christmas too.

So colorful indeed! Thank you for stopping by @ace108 :)

You're welcome

I love the bokeh on the pictures! Fantastic! I have a set of birds very, very similar to those, too. How neat! I honestly never expected to run across another like it.

Wow what are the odds for that! I thought it was quite unique too :)
Thank you for stopping by @wwwiebe!

The ornament is very pretty, and the photographs are lovely! -- That bokeh!! -- Very beautiful. :)

Thank you @kaelci! It is a very nice ornament indeed and so fun to take pictures of it :)

Such a fun colourful oranament, and I think the shadows did work out really well too

Thank you @c0ff33a, it is a fun ornament indeed and it was a fun shooting too :)


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