Interesting vineyard finds

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I have been back in the vineyard doing a few different projects. One of them is starting some winter pruning. As I have been pruning the vines I get to see all kinds of interesting things. The first interesting thing I saw was this.

At first glance it looks like a diamond encrusted bracelet. I am unsure what it really is, my guess is some kind of egg sac. It wasn't smooth, all of those white things were bumps and it was wound around a vine. Next picture for size.

I am also still finding snails on leaves, I am still amazed that these little creatures will climb 4-5' up a vine to munch leaves.



Hey @royaleagle, I like your mystery post about this strange egg sack. I have no idea what creature's eggs they might be. In fact, at first it seemed like a piece of snakeskin to me.
So I shared it as part of my weekly curation post Look What I Found and @pifc's Pay It Forward Curation Contest. Here you can take a look at it:

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I thought it was something like a snakeskin but as I looked at it closer the circle didn't have a beginning or end. So my next guess was eggsac.

Yeah, snails climb a lot... but unfortunately they make stupid decisions like trying to cross busy traffic roads. 😢

Thanks for your photos.

Congratulations on being featured by @stortebeker in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest