Interesting Halloween costumes

in #photolast year

Yesterday was Halloween and a lot of places in my area changed their Halloween schedule because of the vast amount of rain we got last night. One of the places that did not change hours was the local mall, the arnot mall. We took the kids trick or treating there. There were lots of people at the mall trick or treating it felt like I was at a weird amusement park as there was very long lines to get to each vendor. I can only imagine that most stores lost a lot of $ as it was 2 hours long and I am pretty sure few people were shopping. I saw some cool costumes from the balcony that I took pictures of. The first was this guy carrying himself. It was a fun costume.
There were lots of dinosaurs. Sorry my cameras zoom doesn't work well with distances.
I also saw a couple dressed up as s'mores. u92eueutci.jpg After about 1/2 hour we called it good and came home. Shortly after we left the power went out and I was extremely grateful not to be stuck in the cluster of people with no power! Hope you had a great Halloween and saw some cool outfits.


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