What my corner looks like when I'm scribbling something

in #photo10 months ago

My desk can always be messy, when I have a deadline for submission of a client's work.
I try to pen down every step to be taken/taken.
Most especially, when I have a video content to edit or working on motion graphics in Adobe After Effect.


It can only get worst and tight up in the air, when I remember I have something delicate to accomplish after the days office work.

I only imagine what it is like down stairs below 11th floor. The honking of cars only reminds me of the traffic I will encounter on mu way back home.

I haven't seen much of about my city update online, it is a planned adventure I'm willing to take come next year.


Oh!! yes every booklet in my corner serves a purpose, they are always within reach, always present in my bag pack when I'm on the move.
This is just because that, inspiration, ideas flows in any where. For you to have a grasps of such for future use, it needs scribbling, in which ever form either drawing, text writing or coding.

I make use of pencil to sketch shapes of majority of my content graphic works, Pen to write words that accompanies it. But their booklets are different.
Most times I end up writing over and over on a page, until it looks messy, I can then tear it out and trash it.

It was lately I discovered that I need to use the booklet for my pencil sketch to start putting out drawings, Still skeptical though, I still I need me a drawing notebook


creating contents is fun when you have all the gadgets and softwares you need within reach but you work smarter, when your budget is low


Stay creative and Healthy


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