Things made of nightmares: demigods and equalizers

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There are people believing that the intelligent wrongdoers can get away with the hideous crimes without any consequences. I am not one of those people.
My personal opinion is that the shit doesn't come down in some distant afterlife. The demigod who should take care of the shit here and now is very real and walks unnoticed among us.

And, if that marvel is around and can see this right now, I have to tell him this - he is a bit blind. Or he ultimately doesn't care all that much - otherwise the reality is bending in our favor.

Also, proVERBS suck and sheeple are PEDESTRIANS. And you should always have enough characters to write it.

That's the probable reason why many human civilizations failed or self-destructed in past. But the human species somehow prevailed. Somehow the mercy and resourcefulness was greater than raft and desolation.

A few years ago the North Korea threatened 'nuclear button', I though it was a joke. Who in the sane mind would even think about that? Even after realizations already made about long term consequences to all human kind. Then NK hulked up with the nukes, there are reports about it during 2019. Finally, culminating with the repeated threats in the beginning of the 2020.

To be honest I read about their pudgy dictator just off lately. I am not greatly interested to contemplate about that or similar things. Nor his persona entertains my imagination in a way I prefer. If you saw his picture, you will understand what I mean. His hideous appearance still doesn't live up to the crimes he committed against his own people.

On the account of parody and fiction, I got to know that he pronounced himself a demigod. As you know from the mythology of various sources, the demigods or deities are not nice when provoked. Now imagine one of those ancient fuckers being provoked by a slug like that.

I will entertain to know the quantifiable amount of disgust that an alleged deity felt trying to comprehend the immense vacancy of that bluster of lipids calling himself a 'master of the world'...

Bottom line, Kim Jong Un seems to be reportedly 'temporary suspended'. He is also suspected to be 'decommissioned' rather suddenly. I chose to believe it had something to do with the world war he intended and planned to convey. Sabotage is more plausible than being subject to the raft of the ambiguous Sumerian god. Regardless off quite pleasurable salaciousness of that idea.

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