Coffee and Philosophy Ep. 87

in philosophy •  5 months ago 


On this episode @mfxae86 and I decided to get into some more politically charged topics we're facing as a society today. The idea of getting offended and all sorts of things of topics that are not safe for twitter. This episode should probably be avoided by anyone that gets triggered easily, but who knows, we'll probably be back to our regularly scheduled fence sitting next week. Much love.

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Hey love! Are you still doing the show on Saturday night at 12? I've been insanely busy these past few months, but I do try and keep a finger in this place- is the fart joke show still on Fridays?

My show starts in...6 hours ish. LP still does his Friday show, but less frequently. Hope you are well, I am wage slaving right now, but hopefully we can catch up soon.